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From Revolution Muslim to Islamic State: The American Roots of ISIS’ Online Prowess

New America

Jun 4, 2018


ISIS has lost the vast majority of its territorial holdings in Syria and Iraq, yet attacks continue from France to Indonesia. Many have pointed to ISIS’ online capabilities as an explanation. However, little known is that ISIS’ online capabilities owe their strength in large part to a group of Americans known as Revolution Muslim, who developed the template and network ISIS later adapted. Mitchell Silber, former director of intelligence analysis at the NYPD, and Jesse Morton, the former leader of Revolution Muslim, provide a unique view into this history based on their experience working against each other in their report for New America, From Revolution Muslim to Islamic State: An Inside Look at the American Roots of ISIS’ Virtual Caliphate.

New America welcomes Mitchell Silber and Jesse Morton for a discussion and launch of their report. In addition to having previously being NYPD’s Director of Intelligence Analysis, Silber is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School for International and Public Affairs and a founder of the Guardian Group in New York. Before co-founding Guardian Group, Mr. Silber was the head of Geopolitical Intelligence at FTI Consulting. Jesse Morton is the former leader and co-founder of Revolution Muslim for which he served time in prison. More recently along with Mitch Silber and others he founded of Parallel Networks an organization founded to combat hate and extremism. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and a Master’s in International Relations from Columbia University. New America also welcomes to discuss the report, Candace Rondeaux, a Senior Fellow with New America’s International Security Program and Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, who formerly was a Senior Program Officer at the United States Institute of Peace, where she launched the RESOLVE Network, a global research consortium on conflict and violent extremism.

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