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Multimedia (09 Apr 2018 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Ram Guha and Harsh Mander on the Liberal Churn


By Maya Mirchandani




The unprecedented rise of majoritarian politics all around the world has led to volatile debates on the way we define nationalism, secularism and liberalism. While one puts identity and nation first, another frees us to pursue faith, the third involves a commitment to protect minorities.

But today’s politics and its new vocabulary of hate and persecution are testing these definitions and many who stand by these values. Being open to debate is a hallmark of liberal ideologies and we have seen one unfold on the pages of a leading national newspaper.

On Wide Angle, the authors of the two original pieces speak. Both Ram Guha and Harsh Mander have spent a lifetime speaking for the rights of Dalits, minorities and Adivasis – one through academia, and the other through activism.

Source: thewire.in/politics/wide-angle-ram-guha-harsh-mander-liberal-churn

URL: http://www.newageislam.com/multimedia/maya-mirchandani/ram-guha-and-harsh-mander-on-the-liberal-churn/d/114868


  • Excellent debate between Ramachandra Guha and Harsh Mander. Guha admits that his analogizing the burkha with the trishul was careless and unnecessarily diverted attention from his excellent points on secularism and on the importance of modernizing the Muslim society. Both Guha and Mander have their hearts in the right place. The seemingly different approach stems from the fact that Guha is a scholar whereas Mander is a social activist.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 4/9/2018 6:12:36 PM

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