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Letter to the Editor (01 Dec 2009 NewAgeIslam.Com)

New Age Islam Reflects The Strength Of The Islam That Is Universal

From            Bhagya Konwar <bkonwar@yahoo.com>

To                Sultan Shahin Editor@NewAgeIslam.com

Date             30 November 2009 11:34

Subject         HOW ISLAMIC IS THE ANIMAL SACRIFICE OF "EID AL-ADHA", NewAgeIslam.com - 28 Nov, 2009

Dear sir,

I congratulate you on your effort to show the strength of the Islam that is universal, as opposed to a parochial one imagined by Hindus, Christians, and especially by many Muslims themselves. I think we all must educate ourselves - members of all faiths - on how we build a shared future for all of us. We must change our minds to get rid of irrational fear, to work together with all our fellow Indians to build a new India.

May your message spread among our countrymen!!!


Bhagya Mohan Konwar

Bangalore, India




  • I fully agree with you Mr.Konwar. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    By Manzurul Haque -

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