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Radical Islamism and Jihad (14 May 2020 NewAgeIslam.Com)

Where are Indian Ulema? Why No Refutation of the so-called Ghazwa-e-Hind, India-Specific online ISIS Propaganda in its Magazine ‘Voice of Hind?’

New Age Islam Staff Writer 

15 May 2020


Our ulema should introspect deeply, and better decide to come out of their seventh century mindset, which is still celebrating Jang-e-Badr and other battles. We need a new theology, a theology of peace and pluralism, a theology of gender justice, free from patriarchal bias. ISIS is presenting a powerful Jihadi narrative based on the theology of the consensus of all sects in Islam. We need a coherent counternarrative, which is internally consistent and makes sense to the modern Muslim, living in the 21st century. Our ulema have a grave responsibility. Let’s hope they fulfil that.


Despite its defeat and loss of territory in Iraq and Syria, ISIS still poses a grave concern worldwide, producing a wide array of propagandistic materials in multiple languages and spreading them through online platforms in order to radicalize the potential recruits. During its violent spread across the Middle East, ISIS gained both a local and international following due to its Jihadi propaganda through mouthpiece magazines like ‘Dabiq’ and its successor ‘Rumiyah’. Both the magazines served as propagandistic recruitment tools for ISIS’s sympathizers worldwide. Now the ISIS has started its India-specific propaganda calling for Ghazwa-e-Hind through the issue of new online magazine called ‘Voice of Hind’.


ISIS seeks to win the support of Indian Muslims through the online propaganda magazine ‘Voice of Hind’, of which there are recently three issues published by Al-Qitaal Media Centre of Junudul Khilafah al-Hind. So far, the ISIS has not been successful in gaining support of Indian Muslims except for a few self-radicalized individuals. A study of the current three issues shows that it has seriously made big plans to brainwash Indian Muslims; which will be futile, Insha Allah.


The magazine attempts to incite a sense of injustice and plants victimhood narratives among Indian Muslims in the recent issues. It seeks to provoke them to pick up weapons. In the first edition of ‘Voice of Hind’ released on February 24, the ISIS has mentioned the “atrocities against Muslims by vigilante groups in India” and highlighted the case of public unrest over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), portraying the policies of Indian government as anti-Muslim and thereby instigating Indian Muslims to use weapons against the law of the country.


The first edition of ‘Voice of Hind’ contains three articles titled ‘A Call to Muslims of Hind’, ‘Disease of Nationalism’, and ‘Matters of Aqeedah’. In its ‘Foreword’, the magazine urges Muslims to ‘Stand and Die’ fighting against ‘falsehood’. In the article “A call to Muslims of Hind”, ISIS strictly stops Muslims from being in agreement with the “wicked scholars of Hind -- Mahmoud Madani, Arshad Madani” and other Muslim clerics and scholars who call them towards peace and pluralism. Showing the images of Asaduddin Owaisi and Kanhayya Kumar, the ISIS urges that they “are at the forefront in misguiding the Muslim youth”. Dedicating an entire page to highlight the “disease of nationalism”, it says, “the call to nationalism is a call to transgression, pride and arrogance” and finally commands Muslims to “join the caravan of the Islamic State knights in the gateway of Hind”.


The second edition of ‘Voice of Hind’ was issued a month later on March 24. This mainly focused on ISIS propaganda based on theology, with some pages condemning the Taliban’s deal with the US as a “path from Jihad to apostasy”,  in addition to considering the coronavirus pandemic to be Allah’s punishment against those who did injustice to Muslims.  


The third edition of the magazine, released on April 22, contains four articles headlined “Call towards Tawheed and Jihad”, “Preparation of Ghazwa-e-Hind”, “We are victorious by Allah’s permission” and “So, Annihilate the disbelievers”. In the article ‘Call Towards Tawheed and Jihad” the pro-ISIS group argues that the recent changes in the Indian Constitution are meant to deny Muslims their rights. The article enumerates events of arresting, lynching and new laws of evicting Muslims as an argument to provoke Muslims. The magazine also uses the Ghazwa-e-Hind narrative and states that “they (Hindus) will not leave any one amongst you except the one who apostatizes from his religion and follows theirs. The only cure to it is Jihad as Shaykh Abu Musab Az Zarqawi said, “Verily after Tawheed the best antidote to the problems of this Ummah is Jihad for the sake of Allah”. 


The magazine goes on to say, “They (Hindus) wanted to show you the police are for them, the courts are for their benefit and they are only there to torture and persecute the Muslim community. Did the methods of voting and protests (anti-CAA) work for you? Have the courts and legislators (from) whom (you) seek help besides Allah done you any good”. Later on, the article titled “Annihilate the disbelievers” encourages attacks by means of knives, hammers, axe, petrol bombs, heavy objects, choking through belts or rope or using vehicles as weapons for wreaking havoc and maximum casualties.


The mainstream Muslims of India have trust in the Indian Constitution to resolve their issues, from the cases of lynching to NRC and CAA, stating that they are internal issues of the country and that the anti-national groups are not allowed to interfere into their internal matters. The ISIS supporters must rethink that they can’t exploit the current situation of Muslims to harm national interests. One wonders at the usage of victimhood narratives by ISIS while ISIS itself has committed awful oppression of Muslims in Iraq, Syria and around the world. They must look within themselves before interfering into the internal issues of Muslims and non-Muslims who, despite differences, come to support one another in times of distress, as their response to Corona pandemic has shown. Indian pluralism has deep roots.


As for the clerics and Muslim scholars of India, they must come forward to decry and refute the ISIS propaganda. When the so-called Islamic State came on the scene, at least one of them, wrote letters expressing loyalty to the self-styled Khalifa Baghdadi, addressing him as Ameerul Momineen. The rest kept quiet. Even Nadwatul Ulema, one of whose senior authorities, had written that letter, did not upbraid him. Indian Ulema, in general, have not gone beyond rhetoric, quoting a peaceful Makkan verse of Quran, which books in their madrasas teach, have been abrogated by later Madinan verses of war. This will not go. They should go deep in the theology propagated by ISIS and refute it, even if it accords with their own long held beliefs.


The Ulema must rethink their worldview, realize they are no longer living in the 7th and 8th centuries, when Islamic theology and jurisprudence had largely evolved. This is 21st century, need we tell them. The world has changed. You can no longer do ghazwas. The world is now governed by the United Nations Charter which practically every country in the world has signed. We are now governed by national and international laws. The laws of the jungle do not prevail any more. Might is no longer right.


Our ulema should introspect deeply, and better decide to come out of their seventh century mindset, which is still celebrating Jang-e-Badr and other battles. We need a new theology, a theology of peace and pluralism, a theology of gender justice, free from patriarchal bias. ISIS is presenting a powerful Jihadi narrative based on the theology of the consensus of all sects in Islam. We need a coherent counternarrative, which is internally consistent and makes sense to the modern Muslim, living in the 21st century. Our ulema have a grave responsibility. Let’s hope they fulfil that.

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  • Ram, Ram Ayina Uncle, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Krishna
    We, Muslims love all Indians, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. You may not be hating us, but you do not also love us, as we do. 
    Do you think, only Islam has misguided people other religions do not have? Ball is in your court. 
    Do not recognise us with Tablighis and extremists, as this creed is in every religion. 
    In the last but not the least, Assalam u Alaikum

    By Ayaan Neyazi - 6/1/2020 11:46:21 AM

  • whether they were hounded out or not, i leave it to the conclusions of the forum members.
    in any case i never implied that the editor of this site had any part in that mishap and consequently he owes no apology.
    as for deleting any comments from anyone at all, that is solely and entirely the province of the editor this website as well as the administrators of any other website.
    this is accepted by all commentators unconditionally and ungrudgingly.
    but the deplorable tendency of believers to come out with instant diagnoses of mental illness in people who find no reason to believe in the incredible, unbelievable and absurd stories of the ancients smacks of ugly intolerant fascism.
    a very large number of atheists of muslim background have gone on record (do a youtube search for ex-muslim channels) that the first reaction of their parents to their apostasy was to take them to either murshids or psychiatrists with an attempt to "cure" them of their "disease", followed by other equally obnoxious strategies.
    it is understandable if unthinking laymen do it, but when a so-called qualified health professional practices this technic as a a weapon, and is supported by all those who cannot digest the fact that there might be muslim atheists, it raises serious doubt on the professional competence of such health professional as well as the judgement of those who make the choir. 
    this deplorable tendency comes from a very strong fascistic streak within islam (and other middle eastern religions) that have an intolerant obsessive negative involvement with "heretics", "apostates" and disbelievers. i make a distinction here because in the eastern religions, there is a strong but stiffly resisted tradition of "nastikvaad". buddhism as well as jainism are the best examples as far as the eastern non-deistic religins are concerned. as for hinduism, charavaka is almost as ancient as the six schools of hindu philosophy.
    is it any wonder that in most of the muslim majority countries, the punishment for apostasy is either death or long imprisonment.
    this is almost always the standard procedure for communist, dictatorial and fascist regimes dealing with dissent (the gulag archipelago). the first step is to create a diagnosis of mental illness. the next is institutional incarceration. 
    this is also the case where muslim parents come to know that their wards are displaying same sex behaviour.
    the mid eastern religions clearly suffer from this totalitarian world view very much in display in the case of mr. gm. his first response to a doubting muslim is takfeerism. when that fails to deter, his next response is to come out with a fake diagnosis.
    he is well aware of the pull he has on account of his medical qualification, but that is clearly an abuse of medical qualification, a malpractice and is clearly malevolent.
    i am not sure how he will respond if some muslim parent approaches him for the what they sincerely believe to be an "apostasy disease" in their ward or when their wards display tendencies of same-sex attraction.
    probably in america his hands are pretty much tied, but one shudders to think what he might have resorted to had he been practicing in one of those god-forsaken islamic countries.
    when mr. gm weaponises his medical qualification, no holds are barred. he cannot expect to receive anything in return except scorn, contempt and targeted abuse. his mureed in psychiatry tried this in my case too, quoting some nonsense, but i will let that pass.
    if one's beliefs are sacred the best strategy is never let them be known in open forums. to a disbeliever, his apostasy is as sacred as belief is to the believer. as any believer may peddle his beliefs freely so might an apostate equally freely.

    By hats off! - 6/1/2020 8:38:24 AM

  • To All, hatts off, Gulam Mohyuddin.

    As Sultan Shain, given answer, he is wright, only one thing I will rebuttal that accusation on me that I hate Muslims, I have always said and reserve that right of mine that I disliked Muslims with their actions towards as Hindus, never hate.

    But this is my last comment, Mr Sultan Shain is right unless we do not come and write you guys will never introspect, what is going in our mind.

    As this is my last comment end of journey of NAI. I will clear my real feelings, and teaching given by parent and grandparents many of which was not revealed,

     please read it if you are honest people ready here criticism  because I was trying to talk on behalf of many of Hindus who had equally been victim of riots and had suffered losses not only economical but with life too, but Muslims more busy victim game of their own, imagine what Hindu child will suffer if they see feelingless community which cry for their loss only, can you imagine their cannot be unity, do you know how much dramabazi you do to Hindu(read Muslims too)growing up kids, I bet you not many Hindus people know what is RSS and Shangi and what is their idelogy,( what I know is one thing about RSS that they do not have scientific temperment their sciences is  of Pushpak viman type which is similar to Muslim Haran hayu science, which is of no use)but I do not know how long Hindus will remain  untouched with fascist idelogy, when we are labelled Sangis and RSS for our legitimate Questions which affect our daily life, Behaviour of like Gulam Mohyuddin to label it immedialty rather than answering is not going to help, read my comments again they are geniune questions, I was not that aggressive before, he made it.

    All Hindu actions are like lone wolf reaction that has developed due to day to day actions of Muslims, toward Hindus, this is not good for Muslims too, in reaction bad actions will be done, current Muslim and Hindu who want to bring unity have to remember we all( Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians) had Buried Mohamdas Karmcamd Ghandis value of compassion and forgiveness on which our country was founded.

    About your paigamber, still I do not believe the narrative about him which is build through Hardee's and Quran of Uthmans.

    Now how my Paigamber is which was thought  by my grandfather, very simple and loving, similar alligation of his sexual life which I do on this form and his violence on this form was  always comes in question in around our house when discussion was going, when I was kid, non of us new anything about Quran and Hadees, and still Hindus do not know,  my grandfather was very pious man, he thought me simple thing about prophet, absured stories are always attached to Avtars and Paigmbers and books are change to suit the egos of ruling class which includes political and relgious, so never  doubt, Paigambers, we do not much about him,but he will be equally pious man like other Hindu Gods and saints, so I hold that paigmaber as my paigmaber not paigamber of usman Quran, who burned Qurans and sent Millatary to confiscate last copy of Hafsa( we all do not know what was written in it), recent my knowledge developed on Quran and Hardees on this website, also faul language too learn through other comments.

    One more thing my grandfather told me if you never doubt paigmer( ignore paigamber of my comments which is based on Quran and Hadees) and consider him always pious you will get the answer one day of his sexlife and violence which seems absured, honestly with my heart  I keep him as equally with my other gods, now read carefully what I am writing, this is something is more devine to me, this answer came to me when I was in immense pressure what can happen to my daughter if Muslims come in large numbers to fight us, I will either have to kill my daughters for not getting raped or accept Islam, so if I accept Islam  but from my heart I cannot accept Islam, so what is the best I can do to this maniac hords who wanted to rape our women's, the best is play form the team rather than against the team, so become part of Muslims community and write such stories( in your case hadees) that make thier generstions coming life miserable that would be biggest revenge, for force conversation of mine, if paigamber life and caracter is damaged let is be damaged, so now best option is to invent such stories((( Hadees in your case) that seems to be legitimise by attaching to the paigamber, life(((Sultan Shanin you wrote Kabir line that same Kabir said that if you attach you bad desire on the name of god you can legitimise it, so you can tell whole world that I am doing it beacuse so and so god did it))that is what would have happen, play game from within. Same goes for violence.

    Some of the absured Practise had make Muslims life miserable and laughble.
    1) Halaa
    2) Triple talaq 
    3) Paigmer marriage to sons wife, God helps in that Marraige, why God helps in Quran, if Quran is for mankind that why God has so much interest in paigambers life get published in Quran.
    3)Apostacy helps to kill more Muslims than non-Muslims, Pakistani is prime example,it also give complete control to ruling power.

    My paigmaber is different than your Quran, I certainly belive Quran is tempered and Hadess are invented to damage real message of paigamber, that is the reason I told read Khulasa from Prnami sect in which Gandhi was groomed.

    I think many Hindus has better respect of paigamber than you Muslims who know Quran and Hardee's still have no same on working on removeimg those kalak from him, becuse you have frozen the Quran, Hadees and your minds.

    I was not that active on this website, even though I came some 4 years ago, on and off I use to ask Question or critisze but during lockdown I was asking some Genuine Question and did some critiscim but suddenly I was targeted as Shangi, and RSS, like sultan Shain said unless he do not publish you will never know what is going in our mind, similarly I also wanted to see how much Muslims can hate us and deny. crimes against Hindus, which can give insight of Muslims mind too.

    I think even hatts off should not waste time here, this people can keep praiseing each other.

    Sincer  sorry to everybody, Gulam Mohyuddin special sorry to you but I wanted to see how much you can make hate and do mockery of Hindus and me, you aspect better Hindu( who sing your songs and not critisce Islam and Muslims) I wish sincerly you get it, because best is you guys will never get real mind of large number of Hindus what they think.

    I atleast now know Muslims cannot progress internally, yes they will externally as world scientist( they are are more like Avtars and paigmaber for me) are going to give the world the fruit of their research regardless of relgion, cast or creed, that is the reason we are using this platform to conversation.

    Why I say so Muslims cannot progress internally because when Gulam Mohyuddin sees fault in manusmruti, we Hindus also see, He was not able to accept that one day we will burn publicly, close minds cannot do this, the day Muslims will wake up and say this part of Quran or Hadees should be burn as gesture for humanity's they will move forward, but with recent mindset forget about burning some bad passage but you guys are busy in expelling like me, Rational Mohummd, Mohumad Yunus, NAI's Islam is no different than Zakir Naik, shut the mouth of critics.

    Gulam Mohyuddin do not bother reply I am not going to come on this website, your Islam wins keep fighting your Mullas who can use Quran and Hadees to interfere in your day to day life, good luck with absurdities like Halala Triple Talak or some old Arab man takes your girl( Hyderabad and Kerala girls are misused already) in Muta marriage. and do not think this cannot happen, if this can happen in UK illegal, India is even weak, and people like you are in full business, to make it weak, long run you will find Extreims Hindus who will be demonising Muslims, but you will never find critics like us who do not want to demonise but introspect within so progress of Muslims happens.

    RSS agents are not busy on this type of form, they will be on TV shows or on Twitter handles doing mischief with some other extrimist Muslims.

    All complained I will no longer come on this form but book like  Rangelaa Rasul was written in 1927, killing it publisher had not stopped it, now the Ex-Muslims are asking, western world is doing character assignation everyday on the Tav shows, how will you stop them. Muslims killed the publisher of that book, the book did not do even any narration it was just collection of your hadees and title was given Rangeela Rasul, similar material is all,over the Internet now and how many people you will stop it, you just forced me to Quit, it is no more than like killing of publisher of Rangeela Rasul.

    Ram Ram

    By Aayina - 6/1/2020 8:21:25 AM

  • Ahmed ibn Muhammad Unveiled Al-Baani in the following words;

     “By the will of Allah, it has been  proven  without a shadow  of doubt that al-Albani has fallen into the abyss of  contradictions,  errors, misquotes and so on.  Whether these blunders of his are due to a weak memory gained through old age, or otherwise,  Allah alone knows best! We know that al-Albani  sincerely admits on some occasions his errors in the  classification  of  Hadith;  and  this is  praiseworthy.  For example, he admitted in Sifah salah  an-Nabee  (pg.  28,  footnote 1) about the classification of a particular  Hadith:  "I used to declare this hadeeth hasan (good) in previous  works, until I realised that I had been mistaken, because this hadeeth depends on Hanzalah al-Dawsi, who is da'eef, and I do not know how this was  unknown to me; maybe I thought  he was  someone  else.  Anyway,  praise  is due to Allah who guided  me to  recognise  my  mistake,  and that is why I hurried  to correct it in print..."

     “As far as I know at the time of writing this short exposition, al-Albani has not taken much heed to correct his errors let alone make aware to his readership his mistakes - as well as their necessary rectifications.  I say this because even at the time of writing,  his supporters  in England are still  quoting  his  "authentications"  of Hadith in various books that have been  translated  into  English.  I have noticed quite  surprisingly that most of his followers are still oblivious of the fact that Shaykh Saqqaf has  publicised  al-Albani's errors; even though  Shaykh  Saqqaf's  books have been  available  in Jordan (and other countries) for more than two years!

     “I sincerely entreat all serious seekers of the truth to beware of al-Albani's "classifications", "fatwa's" and his extreme revilement towards the scholars  and laity  within the four  schools of Islamic jurisprudence.  This no doubt applies most strongly to those brothers and  sisters  who  may  have  wholeheartedly  relied  on  al-Albani's classifications of Hadith by way of Taqleed; in their quest to adhere to the authentic  Sunnah.  It is always possible for criticism to be made by a group of people whose  understanding  is inadequate and who lack sufficient  knowledge.  But:  "How many there are who find fault with a  sound  statement,  while  their  trouble  is  due  to  faulty understanding!"  We should  all take  heed of the  Ayat:  "Nay,  but those who do wrong follow their own lusts without  knowledge.  Who is able to guide him whom Allah has sent  astray?  For such there are no helpers.  (Qur'an 30:  29)

     “And my last word on this  subject  are in the words of Imam  Muhammad ibn Sirin (d.  110 AH; Rahimahullah, vide:  Mishkatul-Masabih, 1/273, on the authority of Imam Muslim):

    "Verily  this  knowledge  is the  knowledge  of  religion.  You  must carefully  see from  whom you are  receiving  the  knowledge  of your religion."

    By Anjum - 6/1/2020 4:20:20 AM

  • Grading of hadith done by Albani or any scholars of Darusssalam Publishing House based in Saudi Arabia is not always correct.
    At numerous places they have wrongly graded ahadith to encourage their Wahabi theology and creeds.
    One should not be unconscious to trust the grading of hadith made by Darus Salaam.

    By GGS - 6/1/2020 4:15:16 AM

  • The grading of hadith transmitters is classified in the three broad categories of Sahih (sound), Hasan (fair) and Daif (weak).

    HADITH SAHIH: It is the Hadith all whose narrators from the writer of the book to the Prophet are known to be men of integrity and intelligence and who are sane and adult Muslims at the time they narrate the Hadith. Men of integrity means they are God-fearing, righteous who do not speak lies and do not commit a major sin. If, being human, they happen commit a major sin they repent to Allah for that. They are those who do they best to keep away from minor sins and do not commit them habitually. They refrain from tools of indecency and immorality and are men of honour who do not do anything that is looked down upon in Islamic society. Men of intelligence implies that they are wise and sagacious. They are quick to comprehend and they have a strong memory and can remember the words of Hadith exactly as they are. There is no possibility of hesitancy or forgetfulness at the time of relating a Hadith. When all the narrators of the Hadith from the writer of the book of the first one who narrated it from the Prophet measure up to this standard then the Hadith they narrated is defined as saheeh.

    If all these characteristics are found in the narrators then the Hadith narrated by them will be called Saheeh li zatih. However, if a narrator is deficient or defective in any one of these aspects and that shortcoming is overshadowed by a large number of channels then the said Hadith is called Saheeh lighairihi.

    Saheeh hadith is also not a monolithic category of hadith as it has been divided into several sub-varities. There are saheeh on which there is general agreement (muttafaq alayh) and Saheeh on which there is disagreement as to whether they should be classified as such.

    HADITH HASAN: If the entire line of transmission from the writer of the book to the Holy Prophet, one of the narrators lacks something of the aforementioned characteristics or there is some defect in him and that is not overshadowed by excessive lines of transmission then the Hadith thus narrated is called Hadith Hasan.

    HADITH DA'iF: a daif or weak hadith is generally defined as one which fails to qualify the conditions of Sahih and Hasan. More specifically a hadith is classified weak or daif if its narrators include a person or persons of lower grades than those accepted for hasan on a scale of gradation that appears in the subject of al-jarah wal-tadil. The weakness of daif may be in the isnad or in the next or in both. There are many varities of daif hadith; Mursal is one of them, and it is hadith with a broken link in its isnad at the level of a Companion.  

    Daif or weak hadith is not realiable in the Islamic laws or actions. Therefore the jurists or mujtahid do not quote daif hadith when deducing any laws or actions.

    By GGS - 6/1/2020 4:01:57 AM

  • Useimg Quran by NAI, link
    2) Ms Jode use of  Quran:" “I testified that, 1,400 years ago, God came down with a verse in the Qur’an: ‘I never fail to reward any worker among you, for any work you do, be you male or female "
    Not only everyday I see the article full of quotes from Quran, but meet you whose whole purpose is to hate Hindus, shall I feel pages of pages link, or is enough.
    I can Copy paste comments but it is NAI property I can copy paste my or your comets only, OK hypocrates and twister.

    By Aayina - 6/1/2020 3:55:44 AM

  • It's a misunderstanding that Syed Rizvi and Prof. Naim were hounded out of the site. They were not. Both of them have been in touch with me till recently.  Syed Rizvi even wrote to me after Corona scare to ask about my welfare. I am not in touch with Prof. Naim, though, since last September when both of his emails were hacked and probably so were his phones; both his Chicago number and India number are dysfunctional. I am a bit worried. It's not like him to go offline altogether. He used to be in almost daily touch through emails. I wish somebody will tell me he is all right.

    As for Rational Mohammad Yunus, I did start deleting one of his comments, quoting a certain Hadees he was very fond of. I allowed him to post that several times, but when his obsession grew to maniacal levels, I stopped, but only that one comment that he would post again and again.  He left on his own and is welcome to come back on the site, minus his obsession with a particular Hadees.

    Several of my friends are angry how can I allow comments by Aayina denigrating even the Prophet. However, I feel we should know how much some of our Hindu and ex-Muslim brothers hate us and on what account. Despite his atrocious language, Aayina tells us that the Prophet breaking idols of Makka is what bothers him among other things.

    This gives us an opportunity to tell him that yes, the Prophet did break idols at Makka and even ordered the breaking of all idols in the Arabian Peninsula. Idol worship was not allowed in the Arabian Peninsula since then. It's only now that some Arab countries like UAE are allowing Hindu temples, presumably with idols to be build and function as Hindu worship houses.

    However, this also gives us an opportunity to tell our Hindu brothers that Muslims have not broken idols outside Arabia since in a religious sense. Some nominally Muslim bandits may have certainly broken or stolen idols, as even Hindus do till today, to acquire gold and silver. Some may have done so for political reasons too, as Hindu kings too routinely did after conquering a fresh Hindu realm. 

    In Early Islam braking of idols was not allowed outside Arabia. In Egypt, for instance, when a Muslim terrorist damaged a statue of Hazrat Isa Masih soon after Arabs conquered Egypt, the Arab ruler ordered that terrorist to be found, and when he couldn't be found, he offered Christian brothers his own nose to be cut in place of Hazrat Isla Masih's statue's nose which had been damaged.

     Until Bamiyan Buddhas there is no record of Muslims breaking idols wherever they went for religious reasons. The criminal Taliban are brutal tyrants with whom the whole world is now coming to terms with and saying that they will be different now. The overwhelming majority of Muslims does not approve of breaking idols or persecuting religious minorities in any way. They believe in religious freedom for all. This is not to say that Muslims in several parts of the world do not persecute non-Muslim communities or minority Muslim sects. Human Rights violations take place everywhere in the world and should be fought against.

    However, if I did not allow comments from Hindu or ex-Muslim brothers, how would we know of the depth of hatred they have for Islam and contempt for Muslims, how would we know that some Hindus consider only Terrorists’ version of Islam to be true Islam, and not that of the overwhelming majority of mainstream Muslims which wants to co-exist with all others peacefully.

    Unless we know what our neighbours think of us and our religion, how can we try to remove misunderstandings. These misunderstandings are very widespread but not all those who hate us or our religion are obsessed with these hatreds in a pathological sense. We can remove these misunderstanding from many minds, but we need to know what these are.

    That is why well-known 15th-century Indian mystic, poet and saint Kabir said:


    निंदक नियरे राखिए, ऑंगन कुटी छवाय,

     बिन पानी, साबुन बिना, निर्मल करे सुभाय।


    Nindak niyare rakhiye, aangan kuti chhawaye;

    Bin pani sabun bina nirmal kare subhay


    Keep critics close to your cottage yard,
    For they’ll cleanse you clean without use of water or soap.

    By Sultan Shahin - 6/1/2020 3:46:48 AM

  • Your Paigmber did badmouthing for Mushrikin for 23 years, some light on it.
    Your Quran is full of badmouthing of mushrikin please some light on it.
    My voice will not get heard out of  NAI, as very few Hindus come here and NAI comments are not made public on other platforms so do not worry about my badmouthing but explain relgion which based on badmouthing of others belife by so called last prophet and last book.

    By Aayina - 6/1/2020 12:54:31 AM

  • There goes Aayena going after Paigambar again! Aayena, have you had a psychiatric exam recently? If not, I would strongly advise it.
    By Ghulam Faruki - 6/1/2020 12:13:35 AM

  • Did your Paigmber not break idols of Mushrikin, if you cannot tolerate and NAI is ready to not publish I have no interest in putting it, they have full control of publishing.

    If make him perfect like god, without any of his mistake, it's your problem. Rather accept it, he broke the idols and confiscated that place and make sacred for only Muslims, other wise pre-Islamic Arab were more accomdative than what you are now, other belife people were forced, killed or taken as slaves, if you make person beyond the limit so much Devine, you cannot accept his/her crtistisim, that is the problem with Muslims, all other relgion people are accept their gods and Devine person criticism but Muslims are stuck to protect crime of their beloved prophet, if you find those crime Devine and keep repeating and people who do not follow retaliate be ready for it.

    Well personally I do not belive Uthmans Quran and Hadees, history says lot more that there can be wiser message even if existed, I will keep on critiscing current form of your paigamber and book, which is not even Devine, it's Uthman Quran which you want make it Devine, so keep it and use it.

    By Aayina - 5/31/2020 8:02:09 PM

  • For Aayina all arguments end with his badmouthing "Paigambar"! He knows that the only place he can do it is in NAI!
    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/31/2020 3:15:20 PM

  • Hats Off,
    Stop being an idiot! Comparing CAIR with the RSS simply by asserting it is simply your desperation in face of being humiliated. Such tactics will not raise your credibility.

    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/31/2020 3:12:34 PM

  • CAIR are RSS are twins. one happens to be hindu, the other muslim.
    because you are a closet jihadi and soft islamist, you will hate the hindu version and love the muslim version. this is perfectly in keeping with your hindu hatred.

    By hats off! - 5/30/2020 11:56:50 PM

  • The Question and discussion should be be around that  Gazwa-e-Hindu is true or not, with the help of Hadits but real Question should be did Mohmmad spare  any race or people I world as he was War monger want to either kill everybody who does not accept him Paigamber or use violence to loot the land, resource and kill them.
    By Aayina - 5/30/2020 10:54:47 PM

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