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The War Within Islam ( 21 March 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Islamo-Fascism and Islam-Supremacism Feeding Islamophobia Worldwide: Sultan Shahin Tells UN Human Rights Council In Geneva


United Nations Human Rights Council, 16th session, Geneva - 28 February 25 March 2011:

Agenda Item 8: General Debate on Follow-up and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

Oral Statement by Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam

On behalf of International Club for Peace Research

Madame President,

Even though The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action called for elimination of all kinds of human rights violations almost two decades ago, we find that in some areas the situation is only worsening. Article 15 asks us to work against xenophobia and article 19 calls upon governments to protect all human rights of minorities. But xenophobia, particularly in the form of Islamophobia, is growing in several European countries and partly feeds upon the flagrant violation of the human rights of religious minorities in several Muslim-majority countries.

Petrodollar Islam has injected the poison of Islam-supremacism in Muslim societies worldwide.  Even exemplary moderate countries like Indonesia, Malaysia are now infected with this virus. But the worst case scenario is evolving in the only Muslim nuclear power, Pakistan. Jihadi vigilantes including members of security forces are hunting down and killing all those who oppose their version of Islam. The country is drowning in a sea of violence but civil society, media or elected parliamentarians dare not condemn the wanton killings in the name of Islam. The educated middle class regards these murderers as heroes.  Many in the security apparatus support the Talibani goal of a takeover of Pakistan to be followed by that of other countries in the region and beyond. Their goals maybe insane, but their insanity is not unlike that of the Nazis and Fascists in early 20th century Europe.

Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere have to understand that the radical Islamists world over make use of emotive issues that would capture the imagination of Muslim masses and make them react irrationally, unthinkingly. In order to capture the minds of the Muslim masses, fanatical Mullahs are raising sensitive issues like those of members of other religious communities insulting Prophet Mohammad or the Holy Book, the Quran. The issue of blasphemy has been raised to such a high pitch, particularly in Pakistan, but also in other countries that the masses of Muslims are just not allowed to see reason. As in the case of Aasia Begum which has raised the present storm in Pakistan, there is not a shred of evidence, except the allegation of a woman with whom she had a personal fight earlier. But not many in Pakistan are demanding any evidence. Not many even want to know what if anything Aasia Bibi is supposed to have said or done. Mullahs are telling them in televised addresses that the Quran asks them not only to kill the blasphemers but also to kill them with relish. They present the picture of an extremely sadistic God and His prophet who relish torturing and killing and ask their followers to do so too. They do that while also referring to Allah as kind and compassionate and the prophet as a mercy to mankind, mind you mankind, the entire humanity, not just the Muslims, completely oblivious of the dire contradiction involved.

The result is a sort of free for all in the society. Any thinking Muslim can be a target. The latest case in point in the case of Pakistan is the Taliban latching on to the issue of blasphemy and making it appear as if the moderate elements among Muslims are either blasphemers themselves or support blasphemy. The result is the complete impunity with which they have been able to assassinate the only Christian minister of the Pakistani government and earlier the powerful governor of the state of Punjab in Pakistan.

These murders have taken place as these people were campaigning against the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan under which religious minorities like Hindus and Christians can be sentenced to death without even being told exactly what crime they have committed. This is what had happened recently in the case of Aasia Bibi.  These two government leaders were killed because they were sympathetic to the hapless lady and were trying to get her death sentence reduced to life imprisonment as there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on her part. A mere allegation of blasphemy is enough to condemn members of religious minorities to death in Pakistan. No judge can dare impart real justice, even if he wants to, as he himself can get killed in the court room itself.

To get a little perspective one needs to recall the circumstances in which these laws were instituted. In 1984 the then military ruler General Zia ul-Haq, made it a criminal offence for members of the Ahmadi sect to claim that they were Muslims. Two years later he instituted in the existing laws the death penalty for blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. These laws have since been widely used to victimize the now some five million strong Ahmadi sect as well as Hindu and Christian religious minorities.

Some statistics may help us understand the enormity of the problem. Almost half of the thousand people charged under this law since 1986 belonged to Ahmadi and Christian communities though together they do not account for more than five per cent of Pakistan’s population. Higher courts are known to have generally dismissed blasphemy charges, recognizing that they were false, arising mostly from disputes over land or family feuds.  But the emotive value of the laws is such that 32 people who were freed by the courts were subsequently killed by Islamist radicals and so were two of the judges who freed them without any one launching much of a protest. Thus once a blasphemy charge is made, this could inevitably prove to be a death sentence. Not only can no government dare to repeal these laws, they cannot even condemn wholeheartedly the murders of even their own leaders committed in its name.

Madame President,

Even the Pakistani Parliament consisting of freely elected members has not been able to condemn either of these assassinations. The valiant civil society that has been campaigning against the blasphemy laws and demanding human rights for religious minorities for decades is now on the back foot. Its prominent members are saying publicly that they are just waiting to be assassinated. They are afraid because there is not a single institution in the country that is either not compromised or scared.  Incitement against them is allowed to continue with complete impunity. All political parties are following a policy of appeasement of Jihadis. Assassinated Punjab Governor Salman Taseer had got removed banners calling for death to members of civil society campaigning against extremism. But after his assassination, banners justifying his own murder and hailing his murderer have sprouted all across the state and there is no one left now to stop that. Large sections of the popular print and electronic media are part of this incitement against the civil society.

Different Islamic sects including those like the Barelwis who were once considered moderate have now come together on an extremist platform. The killer of Governor Salman Taseer belonged to the majority Barelwi sect; 500 clerics of his Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan (JASP) sect supported him in a joint statement. This statement is probably the height of blasphemy in itself as it paints Islam as a traditional religion of killers and God as a sadistic entity who would encourage killing of innocents merely on the accusation of blasphemy. While issuing a death threat to anyone who attended the funeral prayers of the slain governor, the clerics’ statement said: “The punishment for blasphemy against the Prophet can only be death, as per the Holy Book, the Sunnah, the consensus of Muslim opinion and explanations by the Ulema…This brave person (Qadri, the bodyguard-assassin) has maintained 1, 400 years of Muslim tradition, and has let the heads of 1.5 billion Muslims of the world be held high in pride.” This is extremely offensive to mainstream moderate Muslims as there is no statement in the Holy Quran, the e authoritative sayings of the Prophet or even Islamic jurisprudence prescribing death penalty for the blasphemer. But after the clerics’ intervention in his support, this dastardly killer of the very person he was being paid to safeguard has now become a popular hero and is being lionised even by the educated middle class. The interior minister of Pakistan who is supposed to maintain the rule of law in his country said that he would have personally killed the blasphemer, of course, without waiting for a trial. He continues to hold his post even after making such an offensive statement.

The few liberal voices that continued to be heard even after the assassination of the governor are now falling silent, particularly after the killing of cabinet minister for minority affairs Shahbaz Bhatti, another crusader for moderation. As human rights defender Tahira Abdullah pointed out the vigils human rights bodies organised after the murder of Salman Taseer didn’t attract more than 100 or 200 people in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, which has a population of one million highly educated people and they got only about 500 people to come to those organised in Karachi, the largest Pakistani city with a population of 18 million.

Madame President,

Barring a few pockets, moderates are losing the war within Islam everywhere. The massive injection of petrodollar-funding to radicals throughout the world since 1974 has virtually changed the nature of the religion. Islam-supremacism is now the rule not only in the Muslim majority countries but also in countries where Muslims live as a minority. Millions of Muslims now look down upon people of other faiths and consider them permanently hell-bound.

According to the Holy Quran and Islamic traditions, we Muslims must believe in all the 124, 000 prophets who have spread the divine message to humanity in different parts of the world and must treat them all as equal to prophet Mohammad in status. We have to treat the followers of all these prophets as People of the Book [Ahl-e-Kitab] with whom close social including marital relations are allowed in Islam. But the concept of Ahl-e-Kitab has now been rendered completely meaningless. Instead Muslim children in religious seminaries [madrasas everywhere] as well as in government-run schools [in the case of Pakistan and some other Muslim countries] are now being taught to look down upon other religious communities.  Many of us already have developed contempt for followers of other religions. The so-called religious scholars tell us that people of other religions may be ahl-e-kitab but they are nevertheless kafir (non-believers, infidels). They never explain how they hold and reconcile these two contradictory positions in one breath. Any community holding others in contempt is apparently not likely to be able to live peacefully in an increasingly globalised multi-cultural world.

Even if we Muslims constitute a simple majority in a country, we want to impose man-made Sharia laws calling them of divine origin which they are not. Now even in countries where Muslims are a minority they want to be governed by the Sharia laws. Apart from India, no other country allows this and no society is prepared to do so. This is leading to avoidable tensions and increasing Islamophobia in some societies. 

Madame President,

When the term Islamofascism was used for the first time, many of us in the civil society considered it a vast exaggeration. But that no longer looks like the case. Islamofascism is even more dangerous because it is sustaining and encouraging a wave of Islamophobia, creating dangers for the religious minorities in several countries of Europe.

This makes it imperative for the world community to urgently work out a strategy to fight this growing menace. It also makes it incumbent on the moderate elements in the Muslim community to take the ideological war within Islam more seriously. Let us remind ourselves of the last sermon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in which he said:

“All of mankind is from Adam and Eve (Hawwa), an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white, EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD DEEDS.  Do not therefore do injustice to yourselves.  Remember one day you will meet Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.”

As one can see, the Prophet did not say a Muslim has any superiority over a non-Muslim. For him superiority was entirely a matter of “Piety and good deeds”. That is all. Let us remember that and fight the growing power of the pernicious ideology of Islam-supremacism which renders us unfit to live as a worthy component of the present-day globalised multicultural world as a peaceful community that we mainstream Muslims have always been.


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  1. Sultan, how many more years you are going to live in this world? Perhaps another twenty or thirty years?  One of your great prophets of Islam, Moses prayed to Allah “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom (Psalm 39:4) Another great prophet King David also prayed “Teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:12)  It is not a surprise that 14 million Jews produced more than 180 Nobel Laureates. Counting our days helps us to penetrate through the totality of our existence and spur us to accomplish things before our death.

    Your prolific writings and excellent speeches at UNHRC are not enough. You should cause action along with other similar personalities, to forge a third front, apart from Sunni power centre, Riyadh and Shia power centre, Tehran. We have to wait and see the ‘moderate Islam’ propounded by the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman.  The immediate rejection of moderate Islam by Erdogan is sickening. May be his blood remembers the Ottoman Empire. The President Sisi of Egypt is unstable. As I have gone through the Marrakesh Declaration, King Mohammad VI of Morocco could be the possible candidate to whom all the moderates and progressives should give the necessary support. If there is a third Islamic power centre with good intentions, things could improve. It will lessen the antagonism between Riyadh and Tehran.


    Allah says “Where there is no vision people perish”

    By Royalj 16/11/2017 20:22:33
  2. I think the real problem is the prophet himself. All these islamo fascists etc. are only copying from/imitating him.
    By MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA 18/08/2014 15:39:32
  3. Sultan Bayta,, First of all I would like to thank  you and your brave team for all the tired less  efforts and educational research they have carried on in-spite of powerful and influential  adversary forces. Please let me have your account details so that I can make a small contribution . If not possible than I will  ask Dr.Masood Alam Flahi to donate on my behalf to the organization. I have recently read a great article "Britain &The rise of Wahhabism & The house of Saud " by Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi ., it requires to be published in the NewageIslam(If permitted). I am sure it is the best I have come across for a very long time . Please note that am a great follower of the Sofism but refrain from the saintly graves and Fatwah makers .


    By ahmed rai 19/02/2014 11:31:22
  4. A Life So Simple, So Happy

    Vimla Patil, June 1, 2013, DHNS:

    It's Clear

    Life, in all its colours and complexities, can be extremely fulfilling, if only we follow some basic rules, reckons Vimla Patil.

    Why do we eternally find it so difficult to be happy? Why is it that when nature – and the world around us – offers us the same opportunities to find fulfillment, joy, contentment and excitement, we turn away from this bounty and choose to be stressed out, brow-beaten, defeated, depressed and ‘deprived’ of the good things of life? Why is it that nature has the innate strength to blossom again and again after devastation while human beings – who enjoy more power and intelligence – collapse when misfortune or a low patch strikes?

    Every culture and society, over the years, has continuously researched the nature of human beings, their habitats, their social systems and their relationship patterns and offered fairly simple methods to reach out to happiness in all these spheres. Much of this simple wisdom comes to us in the form of legends, fairy tales or even lessons in our school books – which means from our childhood, we learn about the secrets of happiness but somehow when we grow up, the pressures of our lives take over and all the knowledge vanishes like a bubble on the surface of water! So here, once again, are the simple rules of self assessment which guarantee us as much happiness and peace as we can accommodate within our hearts and minds.

    Control your anger

    Anger makes us blind to opportunities of happiness. Apart from physical problems, it corrodes the mind and causes loss of judgment. Small conflicts become ‘insurmountable’ and precious time is lost in regaining the energy and peace lost. Think first and then plan how to express your anger in a manner that solves the problem. If a person or situation continuously annoys you, question why this occurs and either resolve your anger or omit the situation/person from your life as far as possible. Being aware that you are likely to lose your temper is in itself a way of avoiding a scene/fight/quarrel.

    Stop being jealous

    Accept that everyone cannot be an Ambani or a Godrej. What you possess or earn is as precious to you as their huge wealth is to the tycoons. Look in your home, workplace and make your own wish list – and then go for it! When you plan and pursue what you want to possess, you will work hard and learn how to get the objects of your desire. Learn to ‘romance’ money even if your wealth is small. It is your nest egg and will help you to wipe out envy from your life.

    Throw away hatred

    Those who choose hatred over love surely find an ugly image when they look in the mirror. Creases, discolouration, a pinched look, spots on the face – all these become regulars in your life when you don’t open the door to love – and no amount of fairness creams or face washes can help remove them. Actually, when you choose love over hatred in every situation, problems get solved amicably and wonder of wonders, your complexion glows and gets that polish which no spa treatment can give you.

    Avoid conflict of egos

    Each of us has different needs, dreams, backgrounds, and natures. Thus, conflicts, quarrels and disagreements with family or colleagues or friends are an integral part of life. But an overblown ego surely stops you from seeing these differences in a creative manner and finding solutions which lead to happiness. What we inadvertently do is that we believe everyone should agree with our plan of action. A bloated ego blinds you to the opportunities of love and happiness.

    Unruliness begets unruliness

    Every day, we read reports of young people drinking late in the night and behaving or speaking vulgarly in public spaces and getting into scraps with the police or civil society. Even the daily language of many people is peppered with expletives and rude words. Sooner or later, the more enlightened among your friends will quit your company without a murmur and loneliness will be your fate. Conversely, you will gather rude and ill-mannered pals around you because ‘birds of a feather, flock together’!

    Keep greed at bay

    If you throw a handful of grain on the ground, the first crow makes so much noise that others know food has been laid out! They don’t hoard only for themselves. Great thinkers have said that the universe is a huge basket. What you put into it, will certainly come back to you. If you share and give – not just ‘things’ but also love and respect – your will surely find even strangers offering you respect and opportunities.

    Control premature lust

    If you read any print media or watch recent films, you would think that it is our last chance to have sex or enjoy porn before the world sinks into the endless ocean. ‘Being in a relationship” – sexual or romantic – is the keyword of today’s society, not only in metro cities, but also in burgeoning small-town India. There is a somewhat blind following of the Western concept of ‘space’ which drives young people to seek sexual pleasures long before their bodies are ready for the multiple experiences. Sex is a gift of nature to all species, including the human race. But carefree lust and avarice have never helped achieve a healthy lifestyle.

    Throw aside arrogance

    Pay careful heed to Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy’s (India’s IT super-brain and founder of Infosys) famous words: “There are three kinds of arrogance in our lives– the arrogance of youth and good looks, the arrogance of wealth and belongings and lastly, the arrogance of knowledge.

    Fortunately, the first dissolves itself when old age or illness comes upon us. Wealth and belongings, as is too well-known all over the world, is fickle. One bad or thoughtless move and all money and belongings can vanish like mist in bright sunshine. The last – the arrogance of knowledge – is the most dangerous because it often goes to the grave with us.” Keep an open mind. You can never know it all.
    By Ji 01/06/2013 06:38:03
  5. Being in love with yourself
    Alvina Clara, June 1, 2013, DHNS :
    Self Love
    It’s time we all begin to see ourselves through our own eyes. What do we want from ourselves? Alvina Clara takes you through a session of self-exploration.
    Pretending to be someone you are not invariably leads to feeling tensed, almost scared. After all, you could be found out at any moment! Accepting who you are leads to a feeling of calm, of relief, of happiness. Finding and discovering your true self is the most ecstatic journey in your life. It is essential that we renew our relationship with ourself every once in a while to understand our underlying needs, values, and motives that drive our actions and behaviours.
    At times, our true self gets hidden in the labyrinth of societal values, varied cultures, castes, religions and educational sources. We tend to get lost and feel isolated amidst others by putting on a mask in order to get into the crowd. Oscar Wilde once said with his uncanny wit: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. As humorous as this might seem, it’s a basic summation of the truth.
    Rediscover yourself and fall in love with yourself. Here’s how:
    Live for yourself first
    The best relationship one can have is the relationship with one’s own self. You need to accept yourself the way you are, understand your inspirations, drives and the reason behind your existence. You need to deeply understand your strengths and weaknesses, in order to get acquainted with yourself thoroughly. Find the time to dwell upon what you value and take time to consider what makes up the essence of who you are. Evaluate your choices and options to build your mark.
    Don’t people please
    There are better jobs in this world than to please others. You were not created in this world to make others happy. The right sort of people will recognize you and accept you for what you are. Find your own values. While doing so, don’t be surprised if some of them seem to conflict. This is a natural result of taking broad values from a variety of sources, including culture, religion, people like mentors, teachers, educational sources, and books. Continue working through these conflicts to resolve what values feel most true to yourself.
    Frame your terms, follow your style
    In the rat race even if you come first; the fact is that you still remain a rat. Emulating others creates chaos and disturbances. Copying others style just makes you lose your originality. There’s no meaning in drowning yourself in others views and perceptions. If you can’t fit into another’s routine, please discover a new route. Other people’s judgments are insignificant as they have not traveled your journey to judge your path.
    Find your USP
    It’s a fact that uniqueness sells. Create your niche, stand out from the crowd and just follow your inner voice. Follow your passion, inspirations, and turn your dreams into reality. Don’t let other people belittle or change you. You have a life of your own, stop living it for others sake. It
    akes guts to be different, and the difference is that your distinguished personality acts like a magnet that draws people towards you. When people are lost in the herd, they admire someone who dared to be original.
    Leave the past behind
    It is unhealthy to allow the past to haunt you. Experience is the best teacher and time is the best healer. Wait for your time to come. It just unfolds, gradually turning you into a more mature person. Allow yourself to improve and become wiser as each day goes by. Forgive past errors and behaviour that you are not proud of. Work on accepting the choices and mistakes that you had made in the past. Just embrace the new as they unfold in front of you. You never know where life can take you. Its twists and turns are perplexing but definitely has something great in store for you.
    Stand up for yourself
    To some extent we all are seeking the approval of our friends, relatives, partners, parents and bosses. Your purpose in this world is not to justify yourself to others. Our prime aim is to be true to ourselves, standing up for what we feel is right. There is a lot of growing and learning in understanding our imperfections in order to become better human beings.
    Develop your individuality
    Striving to be something that you are not can be unhealthy. It’s harmful to have others popularity, appearance and attitudes rubbing off on you. Just focus on your strengths and passion and this will make you a healthy individual. It’s healthy to take inspirations from others, but it’s not mandatory to lose yourself to become them. Express yourself the way you are and see the magic take place.
    Your version of you
    Stop caring about how other people perceive you. Some of them may like you and some may not. It is only important how you perceive yourself! Without your consent, no one can make you feel inferior. If you feel degraded by others nasty comments, it’s because you feel incomplete inside. Just care for yourself, nurture yourself, and strive for yourself first.
    Compete with yourself
    If you strive to be happy by comparing your gains with someone else’s you’ll forever feel poor. Instead, compete with yourself. How were you six months back? Are you a b
    tter person, personally and professionally today? If not, what can you do to make yourself even better? If you ever feel let down it should simply be because you didn’t achieve the targets you had set for yourself, based on your own previous performances. But never compare yourself to others. You were made differently, just as each of the five fingers on your hands.
    Pamper yourself
    Never tarnish your relationship with yourself. Just treat yourself like the way you would treat your best friend. Spend time with yourself; it makes you understand what you want and what you do not want. Increase your self-esteem by doing something for yourself whether it’s a pedicure, gym session, spa or a facial. Make yourself the focus of your life. It boosts your self-confidence and renews you with invigorating energy. Refresh your spirit with each day.
    To make it simple, take responsibility for yourself. Your first duty is to yourself! Tell yourself you’re special, wonderful, and worthwhile. When you believe in yourself, others will gradually recognize that glow of self-confidence and begin to realize your worth. This done, you will be able to make decisions you'll never regret, because you'll be following your heart. And the big truth is your heart will never lead you astray.
    By Ji 01/06/2013 06:35:10