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Islam, Women and Feminism

Ismat Chughtai Was Writing Alongside Saadat Hasan Manto, Rajinder Singh Bedi, And Explored Female Sexuality, Class Conflict, And Middle-Class Morality Through Her Writings

Iranian Rips Off Hijab After Cleric Orders Her To Wear It Properly, Threatens Arrest

Islamic State Survivor Nadia Murad Engaged To Yazidi Activist

LA Authorities Looking Into Sexual Assault Allegations against #MeToo Activist Asia Argento

Hanan Donates Rs.1.5 Lakh She Got As Support to Flood Relief Fund

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While the Hijab Can Help Make a Woman, It Can Break Her, Too
Saba Ali

But there was comfort in taking that walk, in acknowledging the jagged, imperfect edges of my religious practice and in allowing myself room to breathe. So every morning since, I wrap the piece of fabric around my face, an unspoken promise to continue challenging myself, held together by straight pins and a sometimes fragile faith....


Female Baha’i Student Expelled From Iranian University for Religious Beliefs

Runaway ISIS Bride Rescued By Female Kurdish Fighters

Road Romeos and Women behind the Wheel in Pakistan

14 Saudi Innovative Women Present Community Development Projects in US

Iran Accuses Georgia of Violating the ‘Decency of Muslim Women in Hijabs’ In Tbilisi Airport

Egypt’s National Council for Women Launches a Poll App, With Interesting Results

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Marriage and Divorce among Muslims in Britain

A clear majority of the British Muslim couples who settle down together today opt for a religious ceremony, known as a Nikah, but choose not to complement it with a civil ceremony. This can place a Muslim woman in the worst of all worlds in the event of a marital breakdown. Her marriage has no obvious standing in law, so there is nothing to dissolve and no chance to claim joint assets. In Islamic law, meanwhile, the unilateral dissolution of a religious marriage is a male prerogative....


Muslim Women Call For More Equality in Running UK Mosques

Iranian Women Drug Addicts Upsurge to 750,000 in New Statistics

20% Indian Muslim Women in Slums Face Health Risks: Survey

Females in Raqqa Work for Women’s Rights after Islamic State Rule

Saudi Women Incubate Creative Ideas for Community Development

Family Taxi Cabs to Be Licensed For Saudi Women Driver Only

Iranian Women Are Ready To Stand Up For Their Rights: Activist Masih Alinejad

Did a Muslim woman design Indian National Flag?

Malala Willing To Work with Imran to Improve Girls’ Education in Pakistan

Boris Johnson’s Facebook Page Mobbed by Racists after Burqa Furore

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Tunisia Mayor: Ban Muslim Women from Marrying Non-Muslims

Tunisian President Challenges Quran with Greater Rights for Women in Tunisia

Iranian Cleric in Altercation with Woman over Hijab

Iraqi Girls Take Up Swimming in IS-Free Mosul

US Police Officer Uses Taser on Syrian Woman, 87

Women's Groups Rally at Sunway Pyramid to End Child Marriage

Female Political Prisoner Zainab Jalalian Denied Medical Care for 11 Years in Iran Prison

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Islamists and the Anti-Islamists Both Claim To Represent Freedom of Choice for Women But Differ On the Concept of ‘Awrah’
Ayman S. Ashour

Liberal Muslims have viewed Awrah for men or women to be the parts that a typical swimsuit would cover, while more conservative Muslims have interpretations of Awrah for women expand to the necessity of long sleeves and covering the legs below the knees, nearly to the ankles. Salafi and Islamist Islam goes further, viewing women’s hands, feet, even voice to be Awrah and also requiring the outer outline of a fully covered woman’s body to be non-distinguishable. As such, depending on the interpretation, a woman’s hair and face can be perceived as Awrah....


Muslim girls in increasing numbers all over the world are breaking down religious and social barriers and pursuing higher education in multiple disciplines. Scholars like the Moroccan Professor Fatima Mernissi, American Laleh Bakhtiar who translated the Quran, Egyptian American Leila Ahmad, a sociologist and author of Women and Gender in Islam, American Quran exegetist, Amina Wadud and British Sayeeda Warsi are a few of the shining examples of this new generation. ...

Muslim Women Poised To Change the 116th U.S. Congress

Saudi Female Artist Depicts Hajj Journey on Ihram Clothing

Early Marriages of 35 Girl Children under 13 in Just One Iranian Town

Bans on Full-Face Muslim Veils Spread Across Europe

Chinese Buddhist Woman Who Complained Of Loud Azan Could Be Convicted On Blasphemy Charges

Stop Dehumanising Muslim Women for Political Gain

Millennium Celebrates 3 Outstanding Female Employees for Emirati Women’s Day

Afghan Women Key to Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan

Female Athletes in Iran Lack Sponsors Regime’s Ban On Broadcast Of Women’s Tournaments Has Deprived Them Of Financial Backing

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We Take Pride in Our Service, Say Female Guides in Madinah

Pakistan Born Mehreen Becomes Australia’s First Female Muslim Senator

Justice Musarrat Becomes First Woman to Head A Poll Tribunal

Muslim Woman Wins Handshake Discrimination Case in Sweden

From Dubai to Disaster Zone: One Woman’s Indonesia Earthquake Story

The Minority Women Taking On Pakistan's Political Elite to Campaign For Better Health

Egypt's Feminists Laud Mass Appointment of Women as Top Judges

Equality in inheritance stirs controversy in Egypt

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Islamist Rule in Turkey: 40 Percent of Girls Under 18 Are Forced Into Marriage
Burak Bekdil

Where would you like your daughter to be when she is 13? In school, or in bed with a grown man? The answer to this question is largely beyond argument in much of the world. In Islamic societies, however -- including non-Arab and theoretically secular Turkey -- the answer is anyone's guess. Usually in such states, the police power of the government does not fight the patriarchal tradition...


'Hijab Is Like a Key': Myanmar Muslim Blogger Battles Bias with Beauty Campaign

Malaysia: Two Muslim Women to Be Caned For ‘Attempting Lesbian Sex’

US Women Counter Islamophobia with Hip-Hop

Indonesia Woman Irked By Mosque Noise on Trial for Blasphemy

74% of Saudi Women Found Begging Illiterate

Sangh Parivar Affiliated Muslim Rashtriya Manch Launches Pension Scheme For Needy Muslim Women In Maharashtra

How Boris Johnson’s ‘Letterbox’ Gaffe Has Impacted UK Women in Niqab

Triple Talaq Has Ruined Lives of Muslim Women in India: PM Modi

Pepsico Empowers Saudi Women with Launch of Region’s First MWM Chapter

Women played prominent roles in recent protests in Tehran and Rasht

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Inspiring Stories of Poor Indian Muslim Girls

Tanzeela Qambrani, First Sindhi Sheedi Woman MPA in Pakistan

The Woman Leading the Way for Rohingya at a Bangladesh Camp

Iranian Female Photographer Defies Football Match Restrictions

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Hijab as an Act of Religious Devotion and Empowerment
Dalia Mogahed

As an American woman who is visibly Muslim, I can personally attest to the wide prevalence of this perception, especially on the part of other women. Even among many liberals, the unquestioned assumption seems to be that I am deserving of their pity before their respect. A well-meaning woman approached me recently in a public bathroom to inform me that I was now “in America” (what?) and that I didn’t have to wear that thing on my head here. ...

Ahed Tamimi Breaks Stereotype of Young Muslim Arab Women

India: Muslim Women Welcome Suggested Changes in Triple Talaq Bill

Hajjah Project: A Down Payment on Making Hajj Easier For Muslim Women

Early Marriages Threaten Health And Safety Of Girl Children In Iran

Dozens of Women, Most Related To Pak Politicians, Ex-Statespersons, Make It to NA

Branded as Bank Robbers, Burqa-Wearing Britons Fear Attack

West Regional Minister Urged Muslim Women to Inculcate Peaceful Virtues in Children

ECP Cancels Shangla Polls over Low Turnout of Women

EU Seeks Details from Saudi Arabia on Women Human Rights Arrests amid Canada Row

Syria's Druze Vow to Free Women And Children Kidnapped By IS

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Pak’s Sindh to Let Divorced or Widowed Hindu Women Remarry

Breaking Tradition: 16 Women from Maharashtra Leave For Haj without Male Guardian

Girls under 10 got Married In South-western Iranian Province

Modi Govt’s Triple Talaq Bill Places Burden on Muslim Women to Prove the Offence

Women in UAE Come Together To Celebrate 'Naya Pakistan'

Sufi Women Deprived Of Their Rights at Varamins’ Qarchak Prison

Scottish Tory Councillor Likened Muslim Women to Umbrellas

Bus Driver in Bristol Demands Muslim Woman Remove Niqab

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Islamisation of Laws Remains a Strong Anti-Women Legacy in Pakistan
Khaled Ahmed

Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death in 2016 by her brother to “redeem” the honour of his dirt-poor, mud house-dwelling family. That year, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan announced there were 326 honour killings in the country. “Of the 326 murders, 67 were committed by a husband or ex-partner; 64 by siblings; 41 by parents; 30 by other relatives; 15 by in-laws; and 10 by the deceased’s son or daughter,” the Commission pointed out....


UK: 100 Muslim Women Seek Johnson's Ouster from Tories

Girl Tops Afghan's Varsity Entry Test Results, Vows to Fight for Gender Equity

Mumbai: NGO Seeks Hostel for Muslim Girls

Silicon Valley Sets Out a Path for Saudi Women High-Flyers

Instant Triple Talaq Outlawed But Triple Talaq Still Valid, Here Is the Difference

Nida Khan, Farhat Naqvi Are Filing Fake Cases of Talaq and Halala, Using Muslim Women for Political Gains

Anti-Triple Talaq Crusader Nida Khan to Join BJP

Syrian Women Face Heat, Harassment While Picking Jordan's Crops

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Danish Designer Uses Runway to Make Statement on Burqa Ban

Malaysia Finds Champion for ‘Invisible’ Women in Deputy Premier

Driving Abayas for Comfortable Journey

Ammara Athar First Female DPO: Setting Example for Others to Follow

16 Egyptian Women Judges Promoted To Top Judicial Positions

Kuwaiti Women Granted Full Political Rights in Elections, Candidacy, Leadership Positions

Malaysia under Fire over Plan to Control What Women Wear To Work

Telangana Muslim Girls Stay Longer In School than Boys: Study

Mosul Woman Raising 23 Grandkids Orphaned by IS Conflict

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Muslims Have Been Pathologised, Homogenised and Stripped Of All Aspects of Their Individuality
Zubaida Haque

This week, even the Prime Minister was moved to call on the ex-foreign secretary to apologise for claiming Muslim women in Burqas “look like letter boxes” and comparing them to “bank robbers.” Boxed into a corner, Boris turned freedom of speech into the last refuge of a scoundrel, claiming his critics were trying to shut down debate about “difficult issues”....


Muslim Women Are Simply Political Fodder, Their Lives A Convenient Battleground
Sayeeda Warsi

There is a pattern here – Muslim women are a quick, easy way to make a point that furthers your interests with certain sections of the media and my party – a useful political football. Where’s the harm in that, you might ask – it’s just politics. Well, this approach is not just offensive, it is dangerous. Johnson’s words have once again validated the view of those that other Muslims....


India's First Sharia Court for Muslim Women Started In Kanpur

Women in Abu Dhabi Urged To Use Female-Only Parking

Pakistan: Woman Made ‘Moharar’ At Dir Police Station

2 Girls School Set on Fire in Pishin District of Pakistan

Couples in Tunisia Unable To Wed despite Law Change

Youngest-Ever Pakistani Lawmaker Vows to Work for Youth and Empowerment of Women

Women's Aid Organisation: Dress Code for Muslim Women in Private Sector Is Discrimination

New York Women's Group Opposes Israel-Hamas Agreement

20-Year-Old Saudi Woman Teaches Filipino Martial Arts

Women In Iran Enjoy Good Freedom, Are Good Planners: Female Diplomat

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Iranian Women Fight Back Against Veil-Filming Attacks from ‘Vice Police’ and Posting Online

Saudi Arabia Could Soon Appoint Women as Judges

Women Lawyers Rejoice Over Growing Legal Role in Saudi Arabia

Pioneering Saudi Female Director Keen to Film Back Home

Women Must Lead Iraq's Anti-Corruption Fight, Baghdad Mayor Says 

Boris Johnson: Muslim Women Wearing Burqas ‘Look like Letter Boxes’

10-Year-Old Abu Dhabi Girl Hasn't Stepped Out Of Her Tin-Roofed Home in Years

Egypt's Salafists Start Offering Marriage Counselling

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Hijab-Wearing Malaysian-Born Nurul Placed Fifth In Miss Universe NZ

This Young Progressive Could Become the First Palestinian-American Member of Congress

Saudi Women’s Football Team Defies Stereotypes

Persian Stories Illustrate Afghan Women Clashing With Their Patriarchal Society

Suicide Took the Lives of Five More Women and Girls in Iran

Remembering Iran’s Brave Women in the Constitutional Revolution

US-backed SDF Ready to Help Sweida’s Women Taken by IS

Remarkable Bahraini Women Doctors Presence Hailed

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Wafiq: Don’t Deny Women the Right to Wear Hijab

Al-Jazirah to Pay for Licenses for Female Customers

Two Women Appointed To Board of Tawafa Body

Malala Urges Rebuilding Of Girls’ Schools Torched In GB

Baha’i Women In Iran Dismissed From Jobs, Sentenced To Jail

Pakistan: Zainab Murder Convict Handed Death Penalty for Rape, Murder of 3 Other Girls

Yemeni Women Rally for 'Resistance' After Saudi Carnage

Ohio State Student Looking For Female, Muslim Sports Fans for Research Project

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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