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Islam, Women and Feminism

Saudi Women in The Driving Seat For World Record

General Election 2019: Record Number of Women Set To Stand

Women returning from the Islamic State Will be allowed to Roam Free in Germany

Judge: US-Born Woman Who Joined Islamic State Not Citizen

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Regardless of the ‘different’ Lebanese scene — especially its women — in the eyes of the Arab viewers, they are truly fighters who took to the streets as the Palestinians did first, as well as the Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Egyptian, Tunisian, Sudanese women among others"....


For The First Time in Over a Century Of Publication, The Financial Times Has Named A Woman, Roula Khalif, As Its Top Editor

“The Revolution Is Changing Me. It’s Making Me Hope”: Young Women on the Protests in Beirut

Muslim Women Who Signed the Platform against the Veil

Muslim Woman Says Security Told Her to Remove Her Hijab before Entering Nuggets Game

Egyptian Woman Fights Unequal Islamic Inheritance Laws

Larger Bench Will Take up Issue of Women’s Entry In Mosques

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CAIR: Muslim Woman Was 'Subjected To Public Humiliation' At Pepsi Centre Where Her Daughter Was To Sing National Anthem

Seven Judges Will Take Up Issues Relating To Women Entering Any House of Worship Said Chief Justice of India

Nairobi Summit: Women’s Empowerment A ‘Game Changer’ For Sustainable Development

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Meet the French Women Fighting Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism with Trips to Auschwitz

Tanzanian Girls Need Support, Not Threats, To Avoid Pregnancy

Top UK Firms ‘Still A Long Way’ From Hitting Targets For Women In Senior Roles, Study Finds

Dubai Coffee Shop Manager Abuses Female Staff

Man Rescues Fiancée from Fake Cop Rape Attempt in Dubai

Award-Winning Writers Coming To Dubai for Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature

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48 Girls, Women Donate Hair at Indian School in Dubai

Germany Spoil the Party for England Women at the Wembley

Extending the Maternity Leave for the Private Sector Is an Essential Step to Achieving Social Justice: Sheikha Bodour

British Newspaper Independent under Fire for Downplaying China's Sexual Abuse Of Uighur Women

Sharjah: Former Indian Woman Faces Pakistani ‘Identity Crisis’

One Of Egypt’s Richest Men, Naguib Sawiris: 'If God Wanted Women To Be Veiled, He Would Have Created Them With A Veil'

Can Faith And Women's Rights Be Reconciled In The Middle East?

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Bernama Housewife, Fadilah Hamid, Charged With Six Counts Of Insulting Islam On FB

‘I Will Never Tolerate This’: Malaysia's Minister Syed Saddiq On Terengganu's Plans To Bar Women Gymnasts From Competing

A New Great Game In The Himalayas, Giving Voice To Muslim Women

Independent Under Fire for Downplaying China's Sexual Abuse Of Uyghur Women

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250 Arab Women to Showcase Their Talent in ‘Ana Arabiah’ Fair

Muslim high school student's dress code violation leads to protest and one arrest

‘My Skills Create My Future’ Project Promotes Female Empowerment in Kingdom

Muslim Women’s Literary Conference at Hamline University

US Somali Election Winners Urge Women Back Home to Take Up Politics

Wembley Sell-Out Proves Boom Time for Women's Football in England

Egypt: Women's Squash Champion Hopes Winning More than Male Peer Marks New Era

In Lebanon's Streets, Women Denounce a Double Burden

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The concept of Hijab is truly beautiful; it is much more than just the headscarf or veil, it is a value of modesty commanded to all Muslims.  It applies to not only how one dresses, but in the manners one conducts him or herself in....

Philippines Approves Asylum Request of Detained Iranian Beauty Queen, Bahareh Zare Bahari

15 Women in New Omani State Council

Young Muslim Women Surge to Success in American Elections

First Muslim Woman in Virginia Senate from Teaching Family

Bangladeshi Women Recount Stories of Abuse In Saudi Arabia

Wife, Daughter of Dead ISIS Leader Baghdadi Captured, Senior Turkish Official Says

Sri Lanka Elections: Muslim Women Asked To Remove Veil

ISIS Fighters Disguised As Women Caught By Afghan Forces in Nangarhar

In Reversal, Saudi Court Grants U.S. Woman Shared Custody of Daughter”'

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Muslim Women and Refugees Won Historic Victories across the US In Tuesday's Elections

FBI, Police Investigating 'It's OK To Be White,' 'Islam Is Right About Women' Flyers Posted On College Campus

Loss Of A Mother Figure: Sarah Cohen's Closest Aide Thaha Ibrahim Mourns Her Death

Nigeria: Muslim Women in Business and Professions Hold Conference in Ghana

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Ghazala Hashmi, Regina Romero Achieve Historic Firsts in US Elections 2019

Muslim Women Love To Travel Solo and it’s Worth USD 80 Billion

UN Official Calls For More Women Peacekeepers in Africa

French Fear and Loathing towards Muslim Women Reveal a Deeper Malaise

Jewish and Muslim Women Launch #WatchYourLanguage Campaign

Muslim Headscarf Debate Divides France, In Climate of Hate

SheTrades Initiative Equips Women Entrepreneurs in Mideast For Export Market

The Female Afghan Boxers Who Found Sanctuary in Spain

Jamila and Amina Tamer of Penn Women's Squash Are Egypt's Newest Power Duo

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Assam: Fake News Sent This Woman Scholar, Rehana Sultana on the Run from Police

Afghan Women Face ‘Immoral Advances’ in Workplace: Rights Group

Discussions on Women’s Economic Inclusion at WEEGS

Shoura Members Demand More Women on Foreign Scholarships

Pak Greens victorious in women’s baseball

Police in Khairpur Trained To Counter Violence Against Women

Inside The Women-Only Village Engulfed By Turkey’s War In Syria

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It is true that, under Muslim law, daughter, mother and wife are always entitled to some component of inheritance; but it is a minor component compared to that allocated to males....

Iranian Activists Mourn Azam Taleghani, Campaigner For Women's Rights

Mumbai: Tybcom Student Files Triple Talaq Case

Fear against Violence Hinders Girls’ Education in South India

Pepsico Foundation, INJAZ Al-Arab to Empower Young Saudi Female Entrepreneurs

Women come to the fore in Iraq protests

600k National Ids Issued For Women Receiving Monetary Subsidies in Egypt

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For example, Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi-Swedish writer, calls for the Burqa “to be banned across the globe” because that will allow Muslim women “to move around without having to carry around a mobile prison at all times as punishment for having been born as female”....

President Halimah Yacob Is Set To Make Singapore's First State Visit to Saudi Arabia

Muslim Outfits Join Hands to Educate Community on Triple Talaq

Emirati Woman Finds Her Mother In India After 36 Years

Report Raises Alarm over Rural Moroccan Women’s Access to Education and Health Care

In Egypt, Women Battle Breast Cancer And Social Stigma

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Iranian Teen, Seized Walking In Public Hijab-Free, Was Thrown To the Ground by the Cop

JUI-F Allows Female Journos to Cover Protests After Uproar

Saudi Girls’ School Launches Pioneering Project To Produce Business Entrepreneurs Of Future

Muslim Woman Made To 'Swear To Allah' By Police Officer during Traffic Stop in Sydney

Muslim, Female Ex-Prisoners Help Bradford School Children through Creative Project

Coimbatore Man Booked For Giving Instant Triple Talaq To Wife Days After Wedding

Pakistan Azadi March: Women Absent From Anti-Imran Khan Protest

95pc Women Journalists Say Online Violence Impacts Their Work: Report

Egypt Plays Host as Women's World Champion to Earn More Prize Money Than Men's

Migrants Endure Rape and Torture on Route through Yemen

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Chhath Is Eliminating the Distance between Religions, Muslim Women Are Also Observing Fast

Ivanka Trump to Promote Women’s Prosperity in Morocco

Plan to Ban Niqab In Indonesian Government Offices Stirs Controversy

‘No Shame In Being Sick’: Arab Journalist Fights Breast Cancer, Creates Awareness Campaign Along The Way

Man behind Indonesia’s Flogging Laws Is Publicly Whipped HIMSELF After Being Caught Romping with Married Woman

Arab News Appoints Somayya Jabarti As Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Video of Lawyers in Pakistan Kicking Woman Outside Court Goes Viral

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This is just a sample of the repressive moral guardianship imposed on women by this soft Sharia under the banner of moderate Islam….

This Ballet School for Muslim Kids Uses Poetry Instead Of Music

WWE Riyadh Crown Jewel to Feature First Women’s Match in Saudi Arabia

Muslim Headscarf Debate Divides France, In Climate of Hate

Option for Women Muslim Staff in Private Sector to Choose Whether To Wear Headscarf Lauded

Saudi Sisters Lead Lifesaving Awareness Campaign over Killer Cancer Gene

In Indonesia, ‘bride kidnapping’ fuels child marriage despite new ban

‘Women Have Done So Much To Nurture Arab Culture’

Embassy Of Sweden And VFS Global Boost Women Empowerment

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Muslim Woman 'Wasn't Allowed In Nightclub after Refusing To Remove Her Hijab' in Sydney

Fatmah Baothman, the First Woman In The Middle East With A PhD In Artificial Intelligence

French Senate Debates Muslim Headscarf Bill

Influence of Three Major Waves Of Feminist Movements In Pakistan

Star Jockey Khadijah Mellah: I’m Glad to Challenge Stereotype of Muslim Women

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Francophone Woman Attacks Hijabi Moroccan at Sufi Festival in Fez

Educating Girls May Be Nigeria's Best Hope against Climate Change

Alya Mooro Attempts To Give Middle Eastern Women In The UK A Voice With 'The Greater Freedom'

Drivers of Change: The Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit to be held in Sharjah in December

Sharjah to Host Second Women’s Empowerment Event

Christmas Comes Early for Women in Turkey’s Western Burdur Province

World's Worst Places to Be A Woman: South Sudan, DRC, Mali, Libya, CAR

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Princess Haya, a daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and the sixth wife of UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, fled the country in July. She is at least the third princess from the prime minister’s family to do so and the first to succeed in her attempt....


Why Mothers Are Not Named In Muslim Marriage Registration Forms in Bangladesh?

Joint Action Group for Gender Equality of Malaysia: Stop Suppressing Stories Of Women

‘Women’s Driving School’ Documents Saudi Arabian Political Developments

Egyptian Nour El-Tayeb Qualifies To PSA Women World Championship's Quarter-Final

In Syria, the Women and Children of ISIS Have Been Forgotten

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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