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Islam, Women and Feminism

The First Ever Muslim-Friendly ‘Modest’ Fashion Show Is Taking Place in London

Saudi Women Gaining A Foothold In Filmmaking

Muslim Public Schoolboys ‘Excused’ From Shaking Hands with Women

Bowing to pressure: Iran grants women spectators access to sporting event

These Trans Arab Women Challenge Social Norms In A Big Way

Citizenship Laws Unfair To Saudi Women – ‘Equal Opportunities’

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Dial-a-Fatwa: This Female Hotline Answers Women's Questions about Islam

Using the Words of Islam, an Iraqi Princess Fights for Women in Science

Jewish and Muslim Women Hold Prayer Vigil Together in Martinsville

Congress Nikita Nikam Dons Hijab during BMC Election Campaigning

Woman Arrested for Hate Crime after Vandalizing Islamic Centre with Bacon

How a Hijab-Friendly Brooklyn Salon Became A Space For Women's Empowerment

Muslim Women Share Smiles, Sweets on Family Day

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On The Road with Bangladesh's Female Rickshaw Wallah

Pakistani Girl Undergoes Liver Transplant Surgery in India

NIA Arrests Woman for Supplying Fake Indian Currency

Air Raid Kills 9 Women, Child at Yemen Funeral

Egypt to Appoint Its First Woman Governor

Women’s Rights Decreased In Putin’s Russia and Trump’s America, Writes Susie O’Brien

See If Triple Talaq Impinges Muslim Women's Rights, Centre Tells SC

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Rap Superstar Kanye West Presents Hijab-Wearing Model on Catwalk

Hijab-Wearing Muslim Model Halima Aden Just Scored a Major Contract with IMG

JUI-F, JI Oppose Mandatory 10pc Women Voting

Saudi Seeking A Third Wife Publicly Shamed For Forgery

Pakistan Doesn't Care Violence against Women Is Spiralling Out Of Control

Fatima Jinnah Women University Holds Dialogue on Role of Women in National Development

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Sold Into Marriage: How Rohingya Girls Become Child Brides in Malaysia

Free Hairdos to Boost Confidence of Displaced Iraqi Women

At NY Fashion Week, Hijabs Top Looks Fit For Royalty

Muslim Convert Girl, 16, ‘Plotted To Blow up Tourists Around The Eiffel Tower After Meeting Fanatic Fiancé And Pledging Her Loyalty To ISIS Online’

Nigar Johar Becomes the Third Female Major General in Pakistan’s History

Abandoned Wife, Baby Live Off Charity for Three Years in Dubai

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Torture and Sexual Violence in Afghanistan
Musa Khan Jalalzai

Women, who had previously attempted to commit suicide to escape rape and violence, girls living with irksome memories of sexual violence and torture, and young children, who never mention their stories of sexual humiliation at the hands of warlords, war criminals, police and army commanders, still live in a frightening environment. Due to the three-decades-long war, poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment on top of the consecutive migration crisis, Afghanistan continues to remain the worst place for girls and young children....


Muslim Women Shouldn't Use Emoticons, Says Malaysian Association

Shia Women sans Mehram May Proceed For Haj, Pak Court Told

Tehmina Janjua Becomes First Woman to Be Appointed Pakistan's Foreign Secretary

Saudi Arabia Dar Al-Hekma Girls Excel in Entrepreneurship Workshop

Sharjah Court Orders Death Sentence to Pakistani for Killing Wife

Network Aims to Increase Number of Saudi Working Women By 2030

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Contrasting Data on Women in Turkey
Gila Benmayor

In data regarding violence against women, which was collected by the Gezici Research Company, 44.7 percent of women in Turkey are subjected to violence. Among those women who are subjected to violence, 67.8 percent fear their husbands will kill them.  When you review the rate of femicides, you can see that their fears are not unjustified....


Nigeria's Muslim Women Oppose Inheritance Bill

Muslim Women Shouldn’t Use Emoticons, Says the NMYA in Malaysia

Meet Roshni Misbah, the Fierce Hijabi Biker of Jamia Millia, Delhi

Women of Major Religions Challenge ‘Homogenous’ Way of Life

Saudi Social Media Users Break Silence on Violence against Women

Muzaffarnagar Riots: 7 Muslim Women Who Reported Their Gang Rape Are Struggling To Survive and Justice, Amnesty Reports

Kiwi Muslim Woman Overwhelmed With Support after Abuse on Waikato Roadside

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The Ten Female Muslim Scientists Paving the Way to a Better Future
Afrah Mansour

Today is the international day for women in science, so what finer chance to celebrate the contributions of Muslim scientists than today! Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) has said: “Seeking knowledge is a mandate for every Muslim (male and female).” These women have embodied this and shown the world what it means to be an active achiever and mover of the world in which we live. Here is a roundup of a few from different parts of the world....


Saudi Cleric Warns Men of Abusing Right of Divorce
Sheikh Salah Bin Muhammad Al-Budair

Widowed At 18, Teen Says ‘Marrying Into the Islamic State Brought Shame and Disgrace’

UK Store Brings Hijabs into Mainstream Fashion

KSA to Start Granting Female Gym Licenses This Month

Lindsay Lohan Getting Closer To Islam Conversion

Woman, 27, Charged Over Alleged Anti-Muslim Attack In Huntly After Video Goes Viral

Attack Not Surprising: Islamic Women's Council

Syrian Arab Women Battle IS, Social Stigma

Two women in niqab rob cabbie

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Iraq's 'Cycling Girls' Ride for Freedom

First Woman to Head Police Rescue Department in Oman

Meet The Muslim Woman Who’s Become the Face of Anti-Trump Resistance

UAE Market for Artificial Fertilisation for Women to Reach $27 Billion

Muslim Woman Denied Teaching Job for Wearing Hijab Wins Discrimination Case in Germany

Syrian Arab Women Battle IS, Social Stigma

54 Syrian Women, Freed From Militants Return Home in Latakia

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This is very saddening because I am also a woman and I am also a proud Muslim woman who is striving to contribute her bit for the development of society! And a Big Big Thank You to few of those who have been supporting such women. Before I die…I wish to see a world with no discrimination because of sex, caste, colour or religion. So many hopes, I know!! Well… We shall overcome someday…..


Now The Die Is Cast, Disallow Hijab, Risk Jail, MURIC Warns

Writer Defames Emirati TV Women on Social Media

Threats Stalk Gang-Raped Muslim Women after India's Religious Riots

Results to Be Declared Null And Void in the Absence Of 10% Votes of Women: Pak Minister

Pakistani Woman Dies in Fake Exorcism after Being Brutally Tortured By ‘Healers’

Muzaffarnagar Gang-Rape: Amnesty Report Details Struggles of 7 Muslim Women Who Pressed Charges

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Obstacles and Women’s Ambitions
Tamadur Alyami

In the Holy Qur’an we read Allah criticizing the Prophet (pbuh), “Wilt thou then compel people until they become believers?” Then, on what basis of the Shariah rule they imprison women who remove their black gown (Abaya), which is just a cover? Is it reasonable to impose guardianship on all Saudi women without exemption, although globally it’s applied on minors?


Stop Calling Feminists ‘Islamophobic’ For Fighting For the Right of Muslim Women Not To Cover Themselves
Lise Ravary

However, many, myself included, opposed the Charter because it took peoples’ freedom to follow their religion and dress as they wish. My feminist Muslim acquaintances and colleagues reminded me that not all choose freely to cover their hair and dress modestly. It is often dictated by tradition and enforced by fathers, husbands, sons or brothers, or even by other women in their social circles. Sometimes subtly, sometimes with incredible violence....


Women and Jihad: The Motivation of Female Suicide Bombers
Greer Fay Cashman

Some of the women were aggressive, saying that Palestine would be part of the large Islamic state. Others expressed admiration for al-Qaida’s Osama bin Laden and Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah and said that they hoped that all Arabs would be like them. One woman said: “The base of the conflict between Jews and Palestinians is a religious struggle.” The faces of all the women, including the most highly educated, shone with a religious radiance that spoke of the depth of their indoctrination....


Islamic Conference Demeaned Muslim Women by ‘Blanking’ Faces

Summit in Saudi Arabia Discusses Steps to Promote Role of Women in Technology

Saudi Women to Enjoy Child Custody Right Even After Remarriage

Nigeria: Hijab Wearing - the Controversies, Fictions and Facts

How One Woman Used Fashion to Reclaim Her Muslim American Identity

Muslim Woman Faces Possible Jail after Refusing To Remove Veil, Stand For NSW Judge

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Saudi Women Use Social Media to Expose Harassment

Bangladesh Gets First Female Election Commissioner

Treating Women as Breeding Machines in Kelantan

Pakistan Seeks To Curb Child, Forced Marriages with Harsher Punishment

Indonesian Government to Enlist Clerics in Fight against Child Marriage

Appeal Court Upholds Use of Hijab in Lagos Public Schools

Girls at a Pakistan Higher Secondary School Forced To Do Sit-Ups as Punishment

Man Kicks Pregnant Muslim Woman in the Stomach in UK

Man Kills Mother of Two in Suspected Honour Killing In Shangla, Pakistan

Pakistan National Assembly Passes Bill to Protect Women’s Rights

Pakistan Electoral Reform Plans Aim to Boost Women's Participation in Politics

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


ISIL Terrorists Transfer Female Captives from Iraq's Mosul to Syria

Female Genital Mutilation Falls Sharply In Northern Iraq - Survey

Saudi Arabian Starbucks 'Temporarily Banned Women', Asked To Send In Drivers Instead

Typical Girl-Meets-Girl in Malaysia Gets Married In Indonesia Story

Saffron Shawl Vs Hijab: ABVP’s Goonda Elements Demand Burqa Ban in College

Lucknow’s all-Women Mosque to Be Powered by Solar Energy

Man Admits Ripping off Muslim Woman’s Niqab in UK

UAE to be in the Forefront of Women’s Empowerment

Vogue Arabia's Princess-in-Chief Wants Arab Women to Be Seen as More Than Just Big Spenders

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


No Tatar Theologian of Early 20th Century Denied That Hijab Was Prescribed In Islam

Israeli Court Sentences 16-Year-Old Palestinian Girl to 6 Years in Jail

3,000 Muslim Women and Their Supporters Protest in Vienna against Austria's Face-Veil

Dubai Royalty Is First Woman Pilot in Al Maktoum Family

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

Queer Muslim Women from the South: 'We Exist and We’re Fierce'
Samra Habib

Our safety, our survival, is routinely threatened in the name of some hypothetical greater safety that does not include us. What they are trying to keep safe is white supremacy, what they are trying to protect is their own power....


Stamford-Area Muslim Women Find Strength in Religion

From Colonial Algeria to Modern Day Europe, the Muslim Veil Remains an Ideological Battleground

Group Calls for Understanding Of Muslim Women Wearing Hijab

Lindsay Lohan Reveals More of Her 'Muslim' Side on Kuwaiti Talk Show

America Has a Lot to Learn From This Muslim Fashion Blogger

Islamic State Kidnap 17 Women in Kirkuk: PMU

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Modest-Wear a Highlight at Indonesia Fashion Week as Hijab Grows In Popularity

Saudi Women Artists Make Their Mark At 21, 39 Festival In Jeddah

Syrian Woman Files Terror Charges against Assad in Spanish Court

Peshawar to Get New 500-Bed Women Healthcare Hospital

Helpline for Muslim Women Flooded With Calls Following Trump Ban, Quebec Shooting

Muslim Women from Preston Join North West Charity Fundraiser

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


Beyond The Muslim Veil
Moin Qazi

Elsewhere, the fully empowered Muslim woman sounds like a self-assured, post-feminist type—a woman who draws her inspiration from the example of Sukayna, the brilliant, beautiful great-granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  She was married several times, and, at least once, stipulated in writing that her husband was forbidden to disagree with her about anything. ..l...

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  • To Abdullah. Rather than condemning what Muslim did in Ghodhra you are trying to creat Consperisay theory....
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  • Pakistani authorities need to take a comprehensive approach to shutting down all Islamist militant groups that operate from Pakistani territory, not just those that ...
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  • Neither Dhamal nor religious syncretism mean anything to fanatics who would kill worshippers at a shrine......
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  • Hats Off, Wild and unsupported speculations cannot be called analysis. Accusing me of supporting the felicitation....
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  • Arshad Sb: The Muslims are not the problems, these extremists whose ideology is against the spirit of Islam, are the problems. All the Muslims in ...
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  • There are some learned souls, refuting the radical narrative. Please view this clip....
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  • many facebook posts and twitter feeds also condemn dhamal. not just the ISIS. to keep a balance, they also condemned the blast with "yes-but" syllogism. ....
    ( By hats off! )
  • there is much wisdom in what arshad says'
    ( By ok )
  • If  mere ' BEEF"  is such a sensitive issue, perhaps the beef-eating citizens  could be persuaded to stop the practice in the interest of HARMONY. ....
    ( By ahmed41 )
  • if  >100 have been killed { as a reprisal } without any process of the law ,   will this not trigger further  acts of inter-muslim ...
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  • Oh i forgot you have just started reading state of muslims. '
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  • Indee the Prophet is mercy personified but radical groups from among wahhabis are in a bid to remove what you Muslims think about your beloved ...
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  • You are a Muslim. then according to you, you are also a problem, but to me you are more than a problem. you are against ...
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  • the source of information about mahmud ghaznawi is wrong. Radical Hindu groups are presenting wrong information ...
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  • obviously you have to grow up quite a lot. every event is generally analysed on the basis of tracing its beneficiaries...
    ( By hats off! )
  • False and fanciful claims of scientific advances make people look foolish. Two years ago, when the Indian Science Congress.....
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Hats Off, I would expect such wild and unsupported speculations only from someone with an axe to grind.
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • Aayina: I do not read the comments of Hats off type fake people as replying to them is promoting them, silence will frustrate them or ...
    ( By Abdullah )
  • Aayina: You should take some lessons from Ghazni, Ghori, of today The Sanghis and Bhajpayees...
    ( By Abdullah )
  • Reply to Royal: First what happened wasn't Libyan people revolt it was invasion by European power NATO & USA Libyan people's were deluded, the end result ...
    ( By Anwar El soussi )
  • Petty Muslim never acknlowelge others contribution with it origin of  names just put it on their names, look at now westerners what they are doing ...
    ( By Aayina )
  • A true commentators like Abdulla should than explain why Mouhmmad Gazani was looting, what muslimism this Kings were showing when they were keeping Harem, he ...
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  • Aayina,  The world today is governed by International Law to which all countries are signatories. Territorial acquisitions through war and conquests are no longer legal. ...
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  • Alternate Link:..
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  • The fake commentators like Hats off and Aayina are intentionally just diluting the historical facts as a theological plan of RSS and SHANGHIS to conceal the real ...
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  • Muhammad's Sword by Uri Avnery, a Jewish atheist....
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  • It is a very sad state of affairs. Sharif is not honest when he said “The past few days have been very hard and my ...
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  • Can Nasser Ahmed explain when Muslim gains by sword it political, reason of those kings or badshah in history, and when Muslim get oppressed   ...
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  • EarlynMuslim showed remarkable plagrisim and every bit of knowledge became either Muslim scientist knowledge or Islamic Sceince.....
    ( By Aayina )
  • Hats Off, Muslim historians exaggerated the exploits of their masters to curry favor with...
    ( By Ghulam Mohiyuddin )
  • What a beautiful faith of peace.'
    ( By U.p. Ojha )
  • All Muslim bros pl see and we will work peace for all. Be indian muslim and all are requested to follow ....
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  • Savage animals are far better than ISIS and the Talibanis.
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