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How the NYT Partook In the Plunder of Iraq
Sinan Antoon

The documents are crucial for the country's history and its future and they belong to the Iraqis. Their removal from Iraq, irrespective of any justification, is a violation of the 1907 Hague Convention. Iraqis across areas formerly held by ISIL are struggling to rebuild their destroyed cities and to reconstruct their shattered lives. Why have they been deprived of troves of documents containing evidence of crimes committed against them?...


It was undoubtedly an illegal act on part of the three mighty allies because there was no United Nations approval for the strikes. Moreover, all three acted without getting the assent of their respective parliaments, making their actions domestically unconstitutional as well. There was not even a pretence of legal cover. The allied leaders Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron, have since then attempted to defend their decision on humanitarian pretext....


I Believe In the UN, but It Needs To Examine Its Conscience over Syria
Martti Ahtisaari

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Throughout the war, the Security Council has failed to act. Veto power has been used in an irresponsible manner to obstruct and obfuscate. Permanent members have focused on scoring political points at home and with their allies, rather than building common ground and demonstrating leadership....


The Campaign to Exterminate Muslims
Chris Hedges

“In some sense, the figure of the terror suspect forms the testing ground upon which Western versions of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ are deliberated,” writes Nisha Kapoor in “Deport, Deprive, Extradite: 21st Century State Extremism.” “It is via the representation of these individuals that cases are made in support of summary killings, bigger bombs, drone strikes, ever more grotesque forms of torture, and clandestine and indefinite detention. It is also through the policing of such individuals that mechanisms have been put in place in Britain [and the United States] for the growing use of secret justice, the retraction of the provisions of citizenship and the move away from human rights protections.”....

Use Iran Sanctions to Stop Assad
Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

If the Europeans want to save the nuclear deal and punish Mr. Assad’s enablers, they need to move on sanctions. A true fix cannot impede the West’s ability to curb Iran’s nonnuclear illicit activities, even if the targets of such financial warfare were initially granted sanctions relief under the accord. Nor can a fix be complete without maximum pressure on Tehran’s terrorist proxies....


America’s Three Bad Options in Syria
Max Fisher

These debates over Syria are revealing, but not in the way the participants often intend. That Americans so often arrive at the same policy of limited airstrikes tells us a lot about why the Syria problem is so difficult. It also tells us a lot about the foreign policy hang-ups of the United States....


The Syria Bombing Is a Disgraceful Act Disguised As a Noble Gesture
Moustafa Bayoumi

The bombing of Syrian government targets by the United States, Britain, and France is a disgraceful and ineffectual act masquerading as a noble gesture. Far from preventing a more vicious war, the bombing instead legitimizes the continuation of the conflict. In fact, what this barrage of weapons really reveals is how little interest the global powers have in ending Syria’s ghastly war.....


The West’s Strikes Were Not for Syrians, Whose Fate Is Now Sealed
Haid Haid

Any attempt to make the Assad regime pay a price, no matter how small, is welcomed by its victims. But this missed opportunity allows the regime to continue to use unconscionable, brutal tactics to bring all opposition to Assad – wherever it might be – to its knees, and consolidate victory not only in Syria’s present but its future as well...


‘We Helped You and Now You’ve Abandoned Us’
Frederic Wehrey

Shunned by Libya’s rebel leadership, General Haftar took centre stage in May 2014 when he launched an assault on Benghazi’s Islamist militias with a coalition of disaffected military units and tribal supporters. Operation Dignity, as it was called, marked the start of Libya’s civil war, inviting intervention by competing regional powers and spawning fissures that have yet to close....


Western Media Cover Tracks of Trump, May and Macron's War Crime in Syria
Finian Cunningham

Western media journalists, if they were really committed to principles of accuracy and critical investigation, should be poring over the rubble in Douma, interviewing local people and finding out what really happened. But they are not. That is why, one suspects, they are not there. ....


How On Earth Would Killing MORE People Rescue Syria?
Peter Hitchens

Any fool can kill a man in a second and ruin a city in a week. But it takes long years of nurture to raise a child to adulthood, and centuries to build a civilisation. Yet I look around me and see the mouths of intelligent people opened wide, yelling for an attack on Syria, when the only certain outcome of that will be blood and screams and ruins, and the deaths of innocents in 'collateral damage'. What good will this do? ...

Who Is the Real Culprit Behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? A Brief History
Muhammad Sahimi

Needless to say, whoever has been involved in the chemical attacks has committed war crimes, and after the war in Syria ends, must be put on trial by the International Criminal Court. It is, however, important to remember, as Joe Biden revealed in a speech at Harvard University in October of 2014, that the US “allies” – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Turkey – internationalized the war Syria by supporting the terrorist groups in Syria.....

Why Is Trump Going Soft on Hezbollah?

No matter how much Nasrallah pontificates about the pious and pure nature of his terror group’s sources of funding, the evidence accumulated over a decade of investigations in the United States and abroad makes a damning case for passing tougher legislation against Hezbollah’s terror-crime nexus, and an even more compelling one for a Transnational Criminal Organization designation....


An Attack on Syria Could Be Disastrous, but the Warmongers Won’t Be Told
Owen Jones

Iraq was reduced to a killing field: hundreds of thousands died; millions injured, traumatised or displaced; a sectarian conflagration ensued; the rise of Islamic state and other extremists. Libya, too, reduced to bloody chaos, a petri dish for murderous Jihadis. And yet the politicians who orchestrated war, and their accomplices in the commentariat who helped build the case, are still treated as the statesmen and women of moderation; hard-nosed realists, the sensible inhabitants of “the real world”.....


What Comes after Airstrikes on Syria?
David Adesnik

Before its descent into chaos, Syria pumped around 385,000 barrels per day of oil, almost all of it from fields in the country’s northeast. The U.S.-led coalition that dismantled ISIS now controls most of that real estate, although Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militias recaptured some key terrain, such as the city of Deir Ezzor.  A precise estimate is difficult to offer, but 80 percent or more of the oil seems to be in coalition-held areas, not to mention substantial amounts of gas....


Look At Syria, and You Can See All the Elements That Have Led To World Wars
Simon Jenkins

Victors in war have an obligation to show patience and restraint towards the defeated. Russia in 1989 was defeated, but the west has been gloating ever since. Russia in Syria is guilty. That is not the point. In this first crisis in east-west relations since the cold war, it seems we must now rely on Russia, not the US, to show patience and restraint. That is an ominous prospect....


In a Syrian Town, People Started Shouting: ‘Chemicals! Chemicals!’
Ben Hubbard

After night fell, they heard the whirring of helicopter blades followed by the whistling sounds of objects falling from the sky. Soon, a strange smell wafted down the stairs. “People started shouting in the streets, ‘Chemicals! Chemicals!’” the student, Mohammed al-Hanash, 25, said by phone from Syria....


Reaction to the Queen’s Purported Muslim Extraction, Varied in the Arab World

“Queen Elizabeth must claim her right to rule Muslims.” So ran a recent headline on the Arab Atheist Network, a web forum. It was only partly in jest. According to reports from Casablanca to Karachi, the British monarch is descended from the Prophet Muhammad, making her a cousin of the kings of Morocco and Jordan, not to mention of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader....


Bashar al-Assad Knows What He Can Get Away With
Faysal Itani

American policymakers like to say that Mr. Assad has not won the war because much of Syria is occupied by foreign powers, its economy and cities are in ruins and its regime is an international pariah. But Mr. Assad does believe that he is winning, that he will take his country back eventually and that a wave of airstrikes or cruise missiles will not change that. Who can blame him?...


Should the US Stay in Iraq or Pull Out?
Prof. Hillel Frisch

Clearly, just as the 2003 invasion of Iraq led to the disappearance of a regime that checked imperialist Iranian designs, so too did ISIS’s initial defeat of the Iraqi army allow for the establishment of powerful Iranian-controlled militias in Iraq at the expense of an independent and strong Iraqi state. These militias, their adherents, and their parliamentary offshoots are not going away....


What’s at Stake in Syria
Clifford D. May

The point I believe they will emphasize: Syria is one piece, albeit an important one, in a strategic puzzle. The question I hope Mr. Trump will ask is not “What’s the exit strategy?” but “What’s the theory of victory? What should Americans want to achieve and what will be required to achieve it?”....


Degeneracy and Fundamentalism of Western Media Control
Andre Vltchek

A great ideological battle is on. These are exciting, bright times. Nothing could be worse than slavery. Chains are being broken. From now on, there will be no impunity for those who have been torturing the world for centuries. Their lies, as well as their armor, will be confronted and stopped!...


International Community an Accomplice in Assad’s Crimes
Diana Moukalled

Assad’s only answer to the silence of the world is more chemical attacks. This is a matter that has been repeated many times in the past few years and the world is completely powerless to deal with this tragedy. Continuing to accept this reality represents a huge ethical disorder with repercussions that will not affect Syria alone....


Killing People As If They Are Insects
Abdulrahman al-Rashed

Like the Syrian regime, Iran does not mind sacrificing its citizens and does not hesitate to carry out mass murder against those it is hostile towards. Like Iran, it will not hesitate to resort to its chemical weapons to kill thousands of people everywhere it fights. Wars are ever-increasing and tools of mass murder and mass destruction no longer know any boundaries....

Only Assad’s Victory Will End Syria’s Civil War, the West Can Do Nothing
Simon Jenkins

The Syrian war will only end when Assad wins. No amount of armchair ranting will alter that. Then we can all discuss how to condemn him. For the moment, western military intervention is utterly pointless. We must kick the habit of trying to rule the world....

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