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Muslims and Islamophobia

An Attack on Muslims Shakes Cosmopolitan London: 'There are people on both sides who want the clash of civilisations'

Meanwhile, on Ummah News, a forum that supports the Islamic State, commenters reacted to the Monday attack by calling for Muslims to fight back: “Oh Muslims you need to wake up the war is starting now in your own streets outside your own Masajid. Your elders could be killed; your sisters could be attacked. They hate your Oh Muslims.” Nazir Afzal, who was once the acting chief prosecutor for London and has lived in the city for 20 years, said it was a powerful message to people “on the cusp of radicalization.”....


The Qur’an employs a similar strategy. Muhammad’s (Sallallah ‘Alaayhee wa-Salaam). When calling upon Quraysh to: “follow what Allah has sent down” the antagonists retorted: rather we will follow what we found our forefathers practising. They argued that the Prophets radical message contravened the dominant frame, it opposed the “religion of the forefathers” and the “Millah [path] of Ibrahim”– the dominant principles that relationships constituting their dominant frame. In responding, the Qur’an calls into question the very foundations of that frame. It asks: “Wasn’t it the case that their ancestors didn’t understand a thing and were void of guidance”.....


The Four Main Sources of Islamophobia in America
Zainab Arain

It requires a recommitment from Muslims to advance the fundamental Islamic principle of benefitting humanity and averting harm from humanity. It requires compassionate Muslim engagement with issues affecting other communities and a joint effort to demand equal protection and participation in society. It requires enhanced Muslim involvement in U.S. public and political life, and it requires the empowerment of a diverse range of legitimate Muslim voices to contribute views and perspectives on Islam and Muslims....

Islam Needs Islamophobia Right Now

When faced with problematic narrations like these, our scholars today resort to rationalizations and semantics. On the matter of a climactic battle between Jews and Muslims, we are told that because “righteous Christians, Jews and Muslims … will be united under one creed” by then, they will be spared. This is the ridiculous argument ...

Islamophobic discussions and fear-mongering policies have arguably made us less safe, leading to the legitimization of wars and occupations that have destabilized the Middle East and strengthened groups like ISIS, while encouraging radicalization by social disenfranchisement at home. They have contributed to a culture of fear that has also been directed at, among others, communists and black men......


Islamophobes and Their Safe-Spaces
Craig Considine

I have always wondered if Islamophobes like Robert Spencer, who the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group leader, have ever stepped foot into a mosque or carried out actual field research in the Muslim communities they bash on a regular basis. Spencer operates in his own comfortable safe space, behind his computer screens and cameras. Islamophobes like him, who remain in their safe spaces, do not constructively engage with Islam through reasoned argument with Muslims or their allies....


Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Cult of the Anti-Islamic Smoothie
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The idea that more than a billion people around the world might be attached to a faith either despite the fact that it is a "nihilistic cult of death" or because of that fact is not the remark of a heretic; as anyone who has actually met a significant number of believing Muslims must realise, it is the remark of a lunatic – or a very canny self-publicist. It is also, for those keen to condemn Islam and Muslims, as soothing a reductionist fable as Orwell's "four legs good, two legs bad".....

Why Hollywood Is To Blame for Islamophobia in America
Nouri Sardar

Even if we push aside the argument that public opinion really is affected by what they see on the silver screen – representing Muslims in a positive light is the necessary respect a people deserve, and a common decency above anything else. Can you imagine the unease you would feel seeing the Jewish people, or any other minority, represented in the same manner as Muslims have been on the silver screen? Now consider the reality. Why doesn’t the same unease exist when its Muslims depicted in this manner? Perhaps it is because we’ve become subjected to it for so long and therefore we have, unfortunately, become tolerant of it.....


Canada’s Fake Posturing about Islamophobia
Mark Taliano

When the Canadian government presents itself as opposing Islamophobia, it is being wilfully duplicitous, since Canada supports and nurtures the Saudi Arabian-style “Wahhabism” and sectarianism in Syria and beyond.  And it is this toxic ideology that creates fertile ground for Islamophobia, not the genuine Islam as taught and practiced in Syria....


Amid Islamophobia and Travel Bans, One Mosque Offers a Lesson In Caring
Petula Dvorak

Hasan and the other doctors, nurses, therapists and medical assistants aren’t volunteering at the clinic to show dubious Americans that Muslims are good people. And they’re certainly not doing it to explain the tenets and practices of Islam. “We don’t really talk about that,” Hasan said. “Mostly, they are just happy to have someone who will take care of them.”....


The Liberal Roots of Islamophobia
Hamid Dabashi

None of this is to say Muslims en masse are God's gift to humanity. Islamophilia is as deranged as Islamophobia. There are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims around the globe. They have their share of criminal thugs, homicidal sociopaths, psychotic gangs, etc. But to address such pathologies you will need a minimum of sympathy for the common humanity of millions of other Muslims who have nothing to do with these criminals.....

Islamophobia is a Threat to Us all, Canada's Silent Majority Must Speak Up
Amira Elghawaby

Just as we have had to come to grips with the so-called Muslim ban in the United States and all its actual and potential implications, Canadian Muslims have also had to come to terms with the fact that a young man would let hate consume him to the point that he gunned down innocent people at a mosque. The attack at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec in Ste. Foy on January 29 is a horrific stain on Canada’s history: never before has a gunman attacked congregants at a house of worship in this country....

Rising Islamophobia: The So-Called ‘Spectre’ Of the Muslim Faith Worries the West Today
A. G. Noorani

The 19th and 20th centuries saw a sharp reversal of this tide. Western imperialism colonised Muslim lands. Israel was planted on Arab land in 1948. Muslim resentment was ignored until it became assertive. Western intellectuals went to work to give Islamophobia a new intellectual veneer, producing literature such as Bernard Lewis’s The Roots of Muslim Rage and Samuel P. Huntington’s The Clash of Civilisations....

Haters of Islam Have Been Emboldened By Rhetoric
Faisal Kutty

Right wing nationalists were quick to re-victimize the victims by falsely propagating that one of the alleged perpetrators was a Moroccan and that he had yelled “Allah u Akbar.” The fact that even some supposedly respectable media outlets reported such alternative “facts” is telling. Police have now said the sole accused is Alexandre Bissonnette, a white French Canadian who by some accounts appears to be a rabid white nationalist. Very few are asking, how did he get radicalized?...

To Fight Hate, We Must Become Soldiers of Inclusion
Sheema Khan

Last Sunday, as six men were gunned down, 17 children lost a father, six women were instantly widowed. A community shattered. Lives irreparably damaged by a hate-filled individual who took advantage of a mosque’s open doors to kill and maim Muslims in prayer. Not in the United States, but in the heart of la belle province. As many have noted, the massacre took place in an atmosphere of increasing Islamophobia...


I am more than grateful that I recognized the wrong, and was able to correct my thoughts according to what truth said. I am also grateful for this trial, as without it I do believe I would have turned out as someone completely different and someone on a completely different path. If I ever feel there is arrogance in my heart, I reflect on this time in my life to ensure that it diminishes completely....


If detractors of people like Ahok truly wish to combat ‘blasphemy’, instead of hounding others they should focus on reforming their own behaviour and develop a sensible understanding of the faith they claim to follow, grounded in love and well-wishing for all, an understanding that people of other faiths too can appreciate and identify with....

As Muslims living in the West, we often struggle to find the balance between religious morals and pride, and our secular identity. The rise of Islamophobia and Nationalism in our countries has intensified this internal struggle. As adults trying to navigate this complicated and sometimes daunting issue, we forget about the most delicate and vulnerable members of our society, our children....

Yasmin Seweid and the Trouble with Crying 'Islamophobia'
Qanta Ahmed

While it’s common to use the term “Islamophobia” interchangeably with anti-Muslim xenophobia, Islamists define it very differently: as any act of scrutiny or examination of structures, institutions, policies or manifestations claimed to be Islamic...

Decades of research on minority communities has documented how stress associated with stigma, intimidation and discrimination is detrimental to physical and mental health. These health effects are especially concerning for Muslims given Trump won the elections on a platform of Islamophobia....


Combating Islamophobia in the United States
Nikos Barbaressos

We Muslim-Americans have a distinct identity and whilst we do face discrimination, we are allowed to practice our faith, build our mosques and to create our own identity away from the Middle East, or Pakistan or any other country. While we keep creating our identity in the United States, we must not let our divisions and ethnicity separate us. To an Islamophobe, we are all Muslim.....

Is Trump Islamophobic?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

Is Trump Islamophobic?
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, New Age Islam

Muslims in America should always bear in mind this teaching of the Quran: “Good and evil deeds are not equal. Do a good deed in return for a bad deed; then you will see that one who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend.”(41:34) This Quranic teaching is based on an eternal principle of nature which works in every country — be it the US or any other country...


Muslim Islamophobia
Khaled Ahmed

In terms of its purity, what the terrorists championed was a superior brand of Islam, complete with Islamic punishments that Pakistan’s post-colonial infrastructure of justice was not able to award. In the areas where the Taliban and al Qaeda were allowed to put down their Islamic system, intimidation became the most effective instrument of domination. It was supported by the madrasa network of Pakistan…


He described the modern emergence of Islamophobia, for which he provided a broad definition: prejudice, hatred or bigotry directed against Islam and Muslims. Baram said the roots of Islamophobia include fear, racism, assumed religious differences and the perception of an uncivilized people. He said the real principles of Islam include honouring mankind, embracing diversity, freedom of choice and advocating justice for all….


Islamophobia and Why Muslim Women Are the Most Disadvantaged In the UK
Hasan Suroor

"The impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women should not be underestimated. They are 71 per cent more likely than white Christian women to be unemployed, even when they have the same educational level and language skills," the committee found. This had created a "chill factor"....

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