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Muslims and Islamophobia

There Are Ways We Can Rally Against Islamophobia
Alia Hogben

Islamophobia is part of Xenophobia -- the "unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers," such as people of other cultures, race or religion. Foreigners are seen as barbarians, one culture is viewed as superior to others and is the basis of imperialism, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. This fear and hatred dehumanizes others, as can be seen in current global affairs....


Trump, the White House, and the Den of Islamophobes
Hatem Bazian

The story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves is still fresh in my mind as if I had just read it yesterday. Comparatively speaking, the current White House is akin to Ali Baba's story with the 40 thieves, in the sense that it currently serves as a den for Islamophobes with President Donald Trump himself acting as the "Islamophobe-in-chief". The comparison does not have to be precise to be valid since we cannot count a total of 40 Islamophobes in the White House, but nevertheless...


Thanks, but A ‘Love a Muslim Day’ Isn’t Enough To Counter Islamophobia
Shaista Aziz

We also need a strong and diverse anti-racism movement willing to tackle the politics of bigotry and division head-on. “Love a Muslim Day” is a worthy gesture but most Muslims I know are not bothered about being loved – we just want to feel safe and secure in our country. We’d like the right to live with dignity, to be seen and valued as full human beings and citizens without having to prove how good or how British we are....


Rethinking Islamophobia: Race and Racism Are Central To Any Understanding of Islamophobia
Khaled A Beydoun

Beyond its popular cover, Islamophobia is everything from law to Hollywood misrepresentations, violent assaults on conspicuous Muslims and innocent bystanders wrongly profiled as Muslims. Islamophobia is all of this, but also far more. It is, above all, a fluidly shifting and intricate system that cannot be reduced to mere "fear or dislike" of Islam and its followers, who occupy a range of distinct stations in society and experience it differently, and for the most vulnerable, disproportionately..... 


A World without Islamophobia
Burak Bekdil

Why, really, would a human rights watchdog ban another watchdog? It's not too difficult to guess. On February 5, UN Watch released a fifty-page report documenting ten years of UN indifference to combating Anti-Semitism. Would Amnesty ban UN Watch if it documented UN indifference to combating Islamophobia? Again, not too difficult to guess...

How Lasting Is America’s Islamophobic Disposition?
Fawaz Turki

The need to address the issue of Islamophobia is pressing, given the fact that anti-Muslim bigotry, as was shown at the deliberations of the Global Peace and the Fear of Islam forum in Abu Dhabi last month, is now overt, malign and pernicious in its manifestations in the Euro-American world....


The Islamophobia of Terrorism
Osaama Saifi

The Prophet Muhammad himself encouraged interfaith dialogue and peace. This can be seen from the incident when a Christian priest had met Prophet Muhammad in a mosque. The time for prayer came for the priest, and instead of being turned out, Prophet Muhammad encouraged the Priest to conduct his worship in the mosque because it too is a house of God. These are the teachings of Islam, teachings that clearly reveal that “Muslims” who commit an onslaught of violence on worshippers in another mosque starkly contrast Islam’s teachings.....


We Have To Stop Normalising Relentless Islamophobia in Australia
Rabia Siddique

Amid perennial media coverage linking Islam to terrorism and radicalisation, little has been known in the west of the persecution of Muslim minority communities like the Rohingya. Like many displaced Muslims, the vulnerable Rohingya may face fear and resentment when they settle in new communities. If by chance some of the Rohingya find refuge in our lucky country, there’s a strong possibility they will be on the receiving end of the relentless Islamophobia experienced by Muslims, in particular since 11 September 2001....

We Must Define Islamophobia by What It Truly Is
Sheema Khan

Questions and criticism about Islam are not Islamophobia. In fact, Muslims themselves engage in robust debates about modernity and Islamic practice. The cruel irony is that such debates are banned in countries that need it most....

"The consequences of introducing or enacting anti-Muslim laws extend beyond the conspicuous intent to subvert Muslim Americans' citizenship and civil liberties, as has been demonstrated by the rise of anti-Sharia rallies that swept across the US in June of this year,"...


Pure Islamophobia or a Grain of Truth: Why Moderate Muslims Will Never Condemn Islamic Terrorism
Rick Hayes

A good example of wasting one’s time is where those in the west look for moderate Muslims to unite and condemn the violent teachings and actions of believers of Islam.  It will never happen on any scale that would remotely make a difference in stopping the steady wave of Jihad attacks around the globe....

Countering Islamophobia
Dr Paul Hedges

If Muslims find their best efforts at acceptance being pushed back, then frustration will be a likely, and natural, outcome. Muslims generally neither understand nor appreciate the militant Salafi-inspired doctrines that seek to justify violence and divide communities, but they could appeal to frustrated youths....

Any white person who is serious about racial equality has to be anti-racist. This requires us to actively acknowledge our privilege, because that privilege – even though we never asked for it – is the very cause of the inequity suffered by others. Only then can we be part of a meaningful solution to institutional racism. We have a choice: be offended, or be part of the solution. But we can’t be both. I’ve learned not to bristle at the statement “all white people are racist”. Instead, I learned to listen to the pain, injustice and – yes – the accuracy in that statement. …

Islamophobia: Merkel’s View and OIC Stand

The OIC forum on Islamophobia held in London (July15-16) underscores Muslims plight in the West caused by the growing spike of Islamophobia. Recently German Chancellor Angela Merkel argued: “Islam is not the source of terrorism” but the Christians who make Muslims feel angry because of “Islamophobia”.....


Terrorism and Islamophobia Are Two Sides of the Same Coin of Hate
Maha Akeel

Terrorism and Islamophobia are two sides of the same coin of hate; they feed off each other. The distorted views of the ‘other’ held by both terrorists and Islamophobes, along with their extremist ideologies and convictions, are linked in a vicious cycle that is affecting world peace and security....

Islamophobes Are Attacking Me Because I’m Their Worst Nightmare
Linda Sarsour

This term has been hijacked by Muslim extremists and right-wing extremists alike, leaving ordinary Muslims to defend our faith and in some cases silenced. It sets a dangerous precedent when people of faith are policed and when practicing their religion peacefully comes with consequences....

Islamophobia Is Still Raising Its Ugly Head in Australia
Mehmet Ozalp

The simplest definition of Islamophobia is the special form of racism revealing “indiscriminate negative attitudes or emotions directed at Islam and Muslims”. An Islamophobic incident is any act comprising of abusive hatred, vilification and violence inflicted on Muslims going about their daily lives....


An Attack on Muslims Shakes Cosmopolitan London: 'There are people on both sides who want the clash of civilisations'

Meanwhile, on Ummah News, a forum that supports the Islamic State, commenters reacted to the Monday attack by calling for Muslims to fight back: “Oh Muslims you need to wake up the war is starting now in your own streets outside your own Masajid. Your elders could be killed; your sisters could be attacked. They hate your Oh Muslims.” Nazir Afzal, who was once the acting chief prosecutor for London and has lived in the city for 20 years, said it was a powerful message to people “on the cusp of radicalization.”....


The Qur’an employs a similar strategy. Muhammad’s (Sallallah ‘Alaayhee wa-Salaam). When calling upon Quraysh to: “follow what Allah has sent down” the antagonists retorted: rather we will follow what we found our forefathers practising. They argued that the Prophets radical message contravened the dominant frame, it opposed the “religion of the forefathers” and the “Millah [path] of Ibrahim”– the dominant principles that relationships constituting their dominant frame. In responding, the Qur’an calls into question the very foundations of that frame. It asks: “Wasn’t it the case that their ancestors didn’t understand a thing and were void of guidance”.....


The Four Main Sources of Islamophobia in America
Zainab Arain

It requires a recommitment from Muslims to advance the fundamental Islamic principle of benefitting humanity and averting harm from humanity. It requires compassionate Muslim engagement with issues affecting other communities and a joint effort to demand equal protection and participation in society. It requires enhanced Muslim involvement in U.S. public and political life, and it requires the empowerment of a diverse range of legitimate Muslim voices to contribute views and perspectives on Islam and Muslims....

Islam Needs Islamophobia Right Now

When faced with problematic narrations like these, our scholars today resort to rationalizations and semantics. On the matter of a climactic battle between Jews and Muslims, we are told that because “righteous Christians, Jews and Muslims … will be united under one creed” by then, they will be spared. This is the ridiculous argument ...

Islamophobic discussions and fear-mongering policies have arguably made us less safe, leading to the legitimization of wars and occupations that have destabilized the Middle East and strengthened groups like ISIS, while encouraging radicalization by social disenfranchisement at home. They have contributed to a culture of fear that has also been directed at, among others, communists and black men......


Islamophobes and Their Safe-Spaces
Craig Considine

I have always wondered if Islamophobes like Robert Spencer, who the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group leader, have ever stepped foot into a mosque or carried out actual field research in the Muslim communities they bash on a regular basis. Spencer operates in his own comfortable safe space, behind his computer screens and cameras. Islamophobes like him, who remain in their safe spaces, do not constructively engage with Islam through reasoned argument with Muslims or their allies....


Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Cult of the Anti-Islamic Smoothie
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The idea that more than a billion people around the world might be attached to a faith either despite the fact that it is a "nihilistic cult of death" or because of that fact is not the remark of a heretic; as anyone who has actually met a significant number of believing Muslims must realise, it is the remark of a lunatic – or a very canny self-publicist. It is also, for those keen to condemn Islam and Muslims, as soothing a reductionist fable as Orwell's "four legs good, two legs bad".....

Why Hollywood Is To Blame for Islamophobia in America
Nouri Sardar

Even if we push aside the argument that public opinion really is affected by what they see on the silver screen – representing Muslims in a positive light is the necessary respect a people deserve, and a common decency above anything else. Can you imagine the unease you would feel seeing the Jewish people, or any other minority, represented in the same manner as Muslims have been on the silver screen? Now consider the reality. Why doesn’t the same unease exist when its Muslims depicted in this manner? Perhaps it is because we’ve become subjected to it for so long and therefore we have, unfortunately, become tolerant of it.....

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